Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Woman

....i think as woman,there are some things that are essential to ensure that we will have a fulfilling life ahead, i could think of 3 for the last few minutes ago ; kindness , beauty and intelligence.

If a woman who is not pretty but kind she will still be loved at least by her family member and in laws.

If a woman who is pretty but unkind at least she will live in luxury marrying (or not) a rich man(probably old but bloody rich)...happens a lot in our local entertainment scene.

If a woman who is not pretty and not kind but intelligent at least she will made her own fortune and remain happy with what she have.

So pick our choice, be pretty?at least there's plenty of make up brand that you can choose from.Be kind?as a woman this is not a difficult task, it is easy being kind the only challenge is to what degree could you remain kind?.Be intelligent?Yes, i believe this is the ultimate strenght a woman can have to guarantee her own happiness in life.

However we all understand it with wide eyed consciousness that; there cannot be a pretty woman and kind and intelligent all at the same time that has ever existed.

They may be pretty in the inside yes, or kind to certain group of people or intelligent in a particular area but there is nobody in this world that could have such blessing all at once.

To me, i don't mind being neat today when i go out with my family and be ugly the next day to work and i do not mind to be unkind to the beggar today but teach my kids how to feed the poor tomorrow and i do not mind to be stupid in my emotional but remain resourceful in handling my family affair.

We cannot have all but at least we can have some bits here and there to ensure the balance.
Because the secret of happiness lies in balance and thankfulness, NOT in superiority and transcendancy.