Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i haven't been writing lately as im having problem uploading picture to says im being blocked from uploading picture...that put my blogging activity (at work..haha)on hold.

But its okay now ^_^

Its December and my birthday will come soon in 12 days....i'll 30 years old?...DUH!
I realized that wide awake and with full awareness when the 'juniors' (kids aged between early 20's and below 30's) starts calling me 'Kak' without effort.

I mean i don't have to try my best to act 'Adult' to be recognize know...older.

I remember when i was their age (early 20's) i act so hard to be treated as an adult...yeah i know right...
Back then i was working as a tour guide and we'll be handling tourist way older than us.
So to earn their attention...and respect.
We have to act 'cool' @ mature @ older or whatever you may call it.

There is some sense into it. Because most tourist are European and they have the tendency to be big headed (especially Americans) towards the indigenous tribe...well its in our History lesson anyway.

So during those days, i have tried a lot of different @ 'older' sitting and standing position including my way of speaking favourite pose is the 'hand underneath the chin' or hand closing the mouth plus the frowning eyebrow'...yeah thats it...


 'hmm....i wonder whats for dinner'

All because of earning 'Leadership'...haha
But does it work?
No....its the other way around....the tourist went look after me by providing me more food to eat...they take me to lunches,dinner and it was the Glorious Era of Snacking in my life.

Maybe to help me to grow an inch taller i guess....

So now.
...i don't sit like that anymore but....i suppose...
Im not just...Matured ^_^

Well...i'll be celebrating my 30th birthday with gratification as i have grown to be a better person than 10 years ago...had kids, had home and had achieved some of my impossible dream : Got Married....hahaha!

Monday, November 28, 2011

jellybeans dream.

my daughter woke up this morning and says,

"mamy...the bunny pooed jellybeans!" and smile widely.

She was quoting the scene from the movie 'Hop'...

that was here favorite scene ^_^

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lint Roller

Few days ago i blog about 'self adhesive dust catcher roller' that i bought from Daiso right
And yesterday when i went to pick my younger sister at the Bus Terminal Inanam, i walked around the shops and found these!
Its something similar only that this one is called 'Lint Roller'
What i bought from Daiso is slightly larger and without refill!and you know how much it cost me?(of course you know...its...Daiso..) RM5!....
I got this one from One Stop Superstore Inanam, you know how much i paid for this?
...RM2.90!with refill ^_^...
Here's some basic instruction of this product

And where the hell on earth is 'P.R.C'???....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend turnout

well...previously i wrote about my plan to go to the crocodile farm with my kids for the weekend right...
But what actually happen is that... im a Coward....i wouldn't risk my sanity to get lost finding the right junction to go to the farm. So..Bad Idea...

So the next plan is to have a day out at the Tamu and watch the movie  'The Adventures of Tintin : Secret of the Unicorn'

We got our tickets and a glass of orange soda....12:10 we went into the theater that suppose to start at we waited....12:15....12:20...projector still not starting....12:30 then the security informed us that the projector is broken and ask us to change time or refund....

I guess my daughter understood body language and human language at the same time as she was complaining loudly about the broken her own 'wusak' language of course...

When we walk out the theater im getting a light headache and decided not to risk it so we went home. My kids went havoc in the car as we drive home (as usual)...i passed the hospitals where i delivered them and remembered i gave birth to a human boy and girl....not a male and female monkey....hmm just a thought...they practically hanging over the handle at the passenger seat.
again....i wouldn't risk my sanity to get angry or ask them to seat politely.

As soon as we arrived home they switch on the Ben 10 cd....which i already memorize his favorite drinks, his alien names and...his phobia...yeah thanks to my daughter..
After about 30 minutes both fell asleep on the couch...and that is a luxurious relief!

So i started moving around the house just trying to figure out everything and found my favorite pants from the dried was damaged...well it shouldn't come as a surprise after all since i already knew what kind of textile it is and its restrictions to washing machine.
Either i forgot about the fact that i shouldn't put it in the washing machine starting to take things for granted...and i wash it in the washing machine nevertheless...Twice even!.
So i took out the 'self adhesive dust catcher roller' i bought earlier at Daiso (it was meant for carpet i guess but on clothes too)

something similiar

After rolling it all over the pants...its still woolly...this is how it look like...

Then suddenly an idea comes into mind...'Razor blade shaver'!
Yeap i actually used razor blade to 'shave' all those dust and woolly cotton...after working on it...this is how it looks like !


yeah i believe this works on t-shirt or pants or towel that you couldn't have heart enough to throw away (perhaps of some emotional value).....i mean look at that picture!...just like new eh!...but i must does make me feel like a barber with an aching fingers and neck pain.(i spent like almost an hour to finish...)

this is a comparison picture of before and after.

Well there you go housewives!
Razor blades and its many use ^_^

Monday, November 7, 2011

Suami berpergian...

Kalau aku berani dan tawakkal dan tabah dan...berani.

aku mau bawa anak-anak sendiri berpergian juga ke Tuaran Crocodile Farm.


wah baru hari Selasa aku sudah planning untuk Sunday...hebat...memang takut jadi gila aku ni kan...
takut jadi gila oleh kerja...

Suami memang seronok lagi bertuah boleh jalan-jalan sampai Sarawak gitu...apakan daya...cium bau Limbang, Labuan dan seangkatan dengannya pun aku belum pernah haha...

Ya akan aku usahakan...mesti jalan dari rumah seawal jam 8 pagi demi mengelakkan acara-acara sesat jalan.

These are some pictures taken at about one year and a half ago from the same place.
vehement refusal of taking memory photo
parents go to extra length to capture and reserve memory
Ayman during his punk hair era.
Tara 1 year and 7 months. Ayman 3 years and 1 month.
 ....macam mana mau ambil gambar begini kalau bertiga seja aar?...hmm

so....ada berani??

Ellen Burstyn

She was an actress that played as Raegan's mother in the movie The Exorcist.
By far...this is the scariest movie ever that haunts me for years as much as everybody else.Including my father...yeah i dunno too..
My father knows only two actress name or character in his whole life...many of actors but only 2 females. One is Dodo Cheng @ Carol Cheng a Hong Kong actress; he remebered her for her role in a movie that she were gluttonish and Raegan...because she's extremely possessed.

So during the weekend after purchasing all 3 movies (The exorcist, The exorcist 2 and The exorcist 3)

The second and third movie is really nothing...but the first movie really chills up my spine especially the intense exorcism scene when the two priest repeats the dialogue "the power of christ compels you" to lower down Raegan's body from the air due to the devil levitation on her. I mean i have my true experience with exorcism too...(back in the 90's when the game 'spirit of the coin' is a trend...maybe i blog that one some other time later...)

After i watched all 3 movies i google it and read few articles about the movie and found some very interesting facts.
I adore her play (Ellen Burstyn) especially that part when she was screaming at the priest on her basement due to his lack of belief that her daughter is possesed.
Then i found out that she only accepted that role if the Director agree to remove a dialogue 'i believe in the devil' from her script in which they agreed.
Later i found out that she's also practicing Sufi Muslim. Although this is not very spiritual but rather more artistic muslim practice.
But i cannot help but wonder...WHY?
Is it because after the movie she found out a need of strong beliefs?
Is it after the movie she discovered about the importance of right and wrong?
Is it before the movie?
Well i don't think i can get all the answer and yeah im not up for any little investigation...because sometimes...we may not like the truth...that much.

But then i thought...making movie is a different thing...
Finding your faith is also a different thing.
have you heard the likes of Michael Gibson...he made a tremendous spiritual effect through a movie Passion of the Christ...(i was crying everytime i watched it)but later...the world were shocked hearing his recorded telephone conversation cursing his former girlfriend due to her refusal in forming some particular immoral act he requested.

See...truth was scary...
It is hard not to be justify....

I guess it would be nice if we do not easily judge people and has a permanent interpretations towards one particular human being for the rest of their life.

Maybe they will continue that way...maybe they don't but...most importantly before we are concerned about their changes, development, achievement, failures and etc.
We should look into our own self first hand before everything else.

Anyway...i like not to be justify for the rest of my life too...most importantly we all look after our own faith...keep it in good care and....Do Not Trust The World...^_^

I leave you with the trailer of the 1973 The Exorcist.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lets live in our own world...

At times...everyone get drifted by some kind of drift...
Especially if you're in the same office.
Or your spouse working environment also have some kind of drift...

Of drift about the latest Hit gossip among work colleagues...
A drift of the office event hustle...
A drift of current political issues in Facebook....

Its not about not wanting to be apart of it...
But its about not forgettting of who you are in the midst of such drifts...

When it happen, we tend to get influenced...
our emotion linger over it
Our verbal communication very much based over the current situation and sometimes...we get a little lose..

So i guess when it happen....
all we need is to take a step back and remember who we are.

And go back to our own world.
Of smiling faces
Of traveling the distance
Of our own surreal imagination...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Humor : on Kids (Part 1)


(husband teaching son to pronounce 1 Borneo)
Dad : One
Ayman : One
Dad : Bor
Ayman : Bor
Dad : Neo
Ayman : Neo
Dad : 1Borneo!
Ayman : 1 Bilonino!
(after repeating the lesson again and again...)
Ayman : 1 Bilonino!


Her favorite cartoon :

Barbie series? No...
Disney Little Einstein? so-so...
Pingu? not at all....

but...its actually...

Ben 10....(yeah, i dunno too)

Tara's new haircut (my husband's trial to make her as my childhood impersonator)

First ever after 4 years

Ayman ate a fruit.
He despise any kind of plants origin food.
No cabbage, no carrot, no shallots, no apples, no papaya, no guava.

As per today finally we found what might suits him.
He voluntarily ask for a slice of watermelon.

Comes the second,

and the Third.

This is History!^_^

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Say NO to yourself.

Its good to say YES to ourself, especially if its related to go over our own self limit such as an act of improvement.

Yes i can be successful
Yes i can exercise more
Yes i am pretty....

such and such...

Saying NO is equally important.
Especially if its related to our own self - temptation. 
Such as spendthrift, excess food, dresses, accessories etc etc...

But spiritually...its about saying NO to our own selfish justification
Saying NO to our BAD habits
Saying NO to our anger
saying NO to anything that has an effect of pampering our own self.

I guess in everything...either we talk
we eat
we sleep
we pray
we think....
it all need some kind of limit...otherwise we would started to take things for granted.

Saying NO puts us on guard of our thoughts and action and therefore we shall not regret doing the things we've done.

Saying NO is also avoiding to go over boundaries.

I have to say a lot of NO to myself especially my bad habit of being easily angry and also of my thinking since i have a tendency of imagining over the limit and see myself sitting on a drum set in a Rock concert... .yeah gotta say NO to that...and start living and.....ACTUALLY finish my work ^_^.