Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i haven't been writing lately as im having problem uploading picture to says im being blocked from uploading picture...that put my blogging activity (at work..haha)on hold.

But its okay now ^_^

Its December and my birthday will come soon in 12 days....i'll 30 years old?...DUH!
I realized that wide awake and with full awareness when the 'juniors' (kids aged between early 20's and below 30's) starts calling me 'Kak' without effort.

I mean i don't have to try my best to act 'Adult' to be recognize know...older.

I remember when i was their age (early 20's) i act so hard to be treated as an adult...yeah i know right...
Back then i was working as a tour guide and we'll be handling tourist way older than us.
So to earn their attention...and respect.
We have to act 'cool' @ mature @ older or whatever you may call it.

There is some sense into it. Because most tourist are European and they have the tendency to be big headed (especially Americans) towards the indigenous tribe...well its in our History lesson anyway.

So during those days, i have tried a lot of different @ 'older' sitting and standing position including my way of speaking favourite pose is the 'hand underneath the chin' or hand closing the mouth plus the frowning eyebrow'...yeah thats it...


 'hmm....i wonder whats for dinner'

All because of earning 'Leadership'...haha
But does it work?
No....its the other way around....the tourist went look after me by providing me more food to eat...they take me to lunches,dinner and it was the Glorious Era of Snacking in my life.

Maybe to help me to grow an inch taller i guess....

So now.
...i don't sit like that anymore but....i suppose...
Im not just...Matured ^_^

Well...i'll be celebrating my 30th birthday with gratification as i have grown to be a better person than 10 years ago...had kids, had home and had achieved some of my impossible dream : Got Married....hahaha!

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