Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Say NO to yourself.

Its good to say YES to ourself, especially if its related to go over our own self limit such as an act of improvement.

Yes i can be successful
Yes i can exercise more
Yes i am pretty....

such and such...

Saying NO is equally important.
Especially if its related to our own self - temptation. 
Such as spendthrift, excess food, dresses, accessories etc etc...

But spiritually...its about saying NO to our own selfish justification
Saying NO to our BAD habits
Saying NO to our anger
saying NO to anything that has an effect of pampering our own self.

I guess in everything...either we talk
we eat
we sleep
we pray
we think....
it all need some kind of limit...otherwise we would started to take things for granted.

Saying NO puts us on guard of our thoughts and action and therefore we shall not regret doing the things we've done.

Saying NO is also avoiding to go over boundaries.

I have to say a lot of NO to myself especially my bad habit of being easily angry and also of my thinking since i have a tendency of imagining over the limit and see myself sitting on a drum set in a Rock concert... .yeah gotta say NO to that...and start living and.....ACTUALLY finish my work ^_^.

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