Monday, November 7, 2011

Ellen Burstyn

She was an actress that played as Raegan's mother in the movie The Exorcist.
By far...this is the scariest movie ever that haunts me for years as much as everybody else.Including my father...yeah i dunno too..
My father knows only two actress name or character in his whole life...many of actors but only 2 females. One is Dodo Cheng @ Carol Cheng a Hong Kong actress; he remebered her for her role in a movie that she were gluttonish and Raegan...because she's extremely possessed.

So during the weekend after purchasing all 3 movies (The exorcist, The exorcist 2 and The exorcist 3)

The second and third movie is really nothing...but the first movie really chills up my spine especially the intense exorcism scene when the two priest repeats the dialogue "the power of christ compels you" to lower down Raegan's body from the air due to the devil levitation on her. I mean i have my true experience with exorcism too...(back in the 90's when the game 'spirit of the coin' is a trend...maybe i blog that one some other time later...)

After i watched all 3 movies i google it and read few articles about the movie and found some very interesting facts.
I adore her play (Ellen Burstyn) especially that part when she was screaming at the priest on her basement due to his lack of belief that her daughter is possesed.
Then i found out that she only accepted that role if the Director agree to remove a dialogue 'i believe in the devil' from her script in which they agreed.
Later i found out that she's also practicing Sufi Muslim. Although this is not very spiritual but rather more artistic muslim practice.
But i cannot help but wonder...WHY?
Is it because after the movie she found out a need of strong beliefs?
Is it after the movie she discovered about the importance of right and wrong?
Is it before the movie?
Well i don't think i can get all the answer and yeah im not up for any little investigation...because sometimes...we may not like the truth...that much.

But then i thought...making movie is a different thing...
Finding your faith is also a different thing.
have you heard the likes of Michael Gibson...he made a tremendous spiritual effect through a movie Passion of the Christ...(i was crying everytime i watched it)but later...the world were shocked hearing his recorded telephone conversation cursing his former girlfriend due to her refusal in forming some particular immoral act he requested.

See...truth was scary...
It is hard not to be justify....

I guess it would be nice if we do not easily judge people and has a permanent interpretations towards one particular human being for the rest of their life.

Maybe they will continue that way...maybe they don't but...most importantly before we are concerned about their changes, development, achievement, failures and etc.
We should look into our own self first hand before everything else.

Anyway...i like not to be justify for the rest of my life too...most importantly we all look after our own faith...keep it in good care and....Do Not Trust The World...^_^

I leave you with the trailer of the 1973 The Exorcist.

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