Thursday, June 30, 2011

the Plan....

i found this in the internet!

Tidak bersarapan = Metabolisma tubuh terjejas = Tubuh badan lesu = Metabolisma jatuh = NAIK BERAT BADAN.  

Literally...if our body don't 'function' that much A.K.A exercise it will makes us fatter....whoa scary bit!

I also just found out that Pineapples helps in losing weight?!...the only problem is to get a sweet: less sour fruit is a real challenge.

Also, it took 6 weeks until our diet really paid off and only ONE day to earn it back...(T_T)

So i guess the Diet plan shall go like this :

0730 - [Breakfast] 1 piece of Non-fried Kueh(black beans buns / Kek Batik / 3-4 piece of biscuits / 2 piece of crackes) with water

1030 - [Brunch] Second set of above Or only Oatmeal Drinks (Nestum with creamer)

1300 - [Lunch] Eat rice and 1 dish - (1/2  or 1/4 of what we use to take - simpler = a 24 - 36 months old infant size)

1630 - [Snack] 2 Biscuit or crackers...No Chips!...may also eat organic food such as sunflower seeds.

1830 - [Dinner] 2 slice of fruits (honeydew, papaya or sweet mango)

Strictly NO other meal after that...But....may eat various kind of nuts....seriously ^_^
The trick is to keep your metabolism running and of course please apply the above tally with an exercise schedule.

Suggested Exercise schedule below :

Monday : Push up 5 minutes, Sit up 5 minutes, Skipping 5 minutes

Wednesday :Push up 5 minutes, Sit up 5 minutes, Skipping 5 minutes

Friday:  Push up 5 minutes, Sit up 5 minutes, Skipping 5 minutes

Saturday : Zumba 1 hour plus jogging 30 minutes

The rest of the day in the week continue housework chores as usual...DO NOT HIRE A MAID OR ASK HELP....(muaahhahahaha)

Some tips :

  • Expect result in 1 month and a half...(T_T)
  • Don't overdo ...EVERYTHING (from the diet plan to the exercise plan)
  • Buy skipping rope, a proper trainer shoes
  • Do body exercise (sit ups and push ups) without any technical support....please don't use the pillow to support the back.
  • DON"T GIVE UP....
  • Avoid fall back into relapse of Plate of pizza for lunch, brunch with 2 piece of karipap or Roti Jala with curry,Dinner with McDonalds medium value meal(sometimes large)....or relapse of 4 hours nap in Saturday and Sunday afternoon and taking the elevator to 1st floor at work(although stairs is next to it and height between ground floor and 1st floor is less than 15 metres...) we go and may our guts stick with us with lesser fat attach to it ^_^
All the BEST!

Monday, June 27, 2011

This Week @ Weight

Am I beginning to become purely obsessed with my weight or am I just health conscious?

I had  new pair of sports shoes last week…(which. I have not started utilizing it) I have lured my husband…yes lured…again….i continuously, diligently overpowering him with my thoughts about my weight how my new pair of blouses did not fit…how my pants might tear off and how my belly horridly flabby.

Did he bought it?....Yes.
Why?.....i spoke about it every morning and night…even over the phone while working hours.


So yeah he bought me the shoes and I got myself a new sweat pants…(which still sits virginally in the closet …)

Just last Sunday…

He bought me a weight scale (with a monkey and scattered banana around it…yeah I dunno too)

So, here’s for your vote!

Me : Am I obsessed?

Crowd (own) : YEASSS!!!


Now as to some question…when will I start to put the shoes and sweat pants for a show down?...i dunno…so am I just another NATO (No Action Talk Only)…I guess not.

Because I minimize my sleep down to 7 hours and I scrub the sink, fold the laundry, do the laundry, lift some books and steam iron our clothes till my sweat dripping through me eyes…GRRR…I feel like a warrior!

So again Yes.

I frequently asked my husband what would it be like at 5:45AM at our residence…is there a lot of cars going out, students waiting on bus…security on parole?...because I was thinking to go for a jog and later a shower…oh not to forget the stray dogs if they’re up for scraps of food….i wouldn’t want to end up as breakfast for them don’t I ^_^…
My husband said its still dark…so I take is as Bad.

So maybe I can go on Saturdays…which crucially depends on my husband working schedule…
at the moment I could not envision myself with the new green+white sport shoes with Black white stripes sweat pants….i hope soon though….

Leaving me with an option of doing the house chores non-stop and sleep 7 hours instead of the usual 8 hours.

Does it pay off?

Dang right it does!!!

2kg down!....yeah 2kg…ONLY?!....T_T

But…I only started this week! we may get result in…say like another week from now?....

As conclusion I have set my goal to 43Kg…yeas…43Kg….so will I reduce 5kg in a week?...NO (of course not unless im trying to be the cheerleader captain or trying to get a date.)

But, I like to see how far I can go…beside I sworn to myself about 10 years ago that in all my life.
I would never go on a Diet.
So here I am…drafting my Diet schedule….T__^…Life is truly an interesting journey.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Circle of Influence

Currently im reading Stephen’s Covey – The 7 habits of highly effective people although not continuously I thinks it is much better as it allow time for absorption into my mind.

At the moment im in the second habits and this part really useful, it taught us t focus only in our circle of influence which means(in my simple humble language) if you can’t do anything about it then its none of your business.

Well, there is 2 circles, the other one is Circle of Concern. These circle is pretty much what we had in our mind basically the things that we thought about.

Circle of Concern is about surrounding circumstances, about how people act around us, global warming, political or social issues…these are the things that we cannot change. But we are ‘concern’ about it… and so the result is we only focus on these things and has affected our mental and emotional and caused us easily brought away by peoples reaction and comment and also about the world…the outside of us.

Circle of Influence is about your own character, habit and the way you think. Its those things that you able to change. Such us on how you are able to extract the positive from others negative behavior by changing or improving the way you think about them. Its about the inside of you.

These are some good stuff I tell you as I come up with a quote from analyzing these circles, here it is :

Seeing the good in others is seeking the goodness in you.
Seeing the ugliness in others, Empowering the ugliness in you.

Therefore ; doesn’t matter how people act…its none of our business. What matters is ; how we think. How we feel. Is it positive energy we are processing? Or is it negative, and
You reap what you sow, once you are creating positive thoughts it turns into aura and so you will get positive rewards too.

This explained in the popular saying “Happy Go Lucky”
When people sense positive vibrant in you they will urge to reply positive reaction to you…why? Its because most people are reactive…and only proactive people able to enhance positive energy in every situation.

But again, nobody’s perfect…even positive people have their downs such as…PMS haha!

Well anyway, I strongly suggest you get this book, his theory is practical and logical and not simply some ‘band-aid’,’quick-fix’ self help book.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to lose excess Baby Fat

I woke up this morning and started to think about my weight…yap paranoid and obsessed.
But I was more into thinking about…what if I lose weight and reach 43kg…will I feel and look healthy?...then come the mysterious question.

Will I lose my baby fat?

And that’s when I started to press, pinch and pull the excess tire around my waist and stomach. It kinda feel rubbery and numb…I don’t feel any pain..i was wondering what’s inside of it…is it intestines wrap around inside? it meat? it just plain skin?...but I didn’t feel any pain…suppose when you pinch part of your skin you would feel some pain as there are suppose to be receptors that function as the touching sensory underneath the skin layers. I don’t have that….

Its just bulky and bulge out from the lower part of my torso….

I remember when I was a teenager I do not have any tummy…it was flat and…tight…my friends were jealous and were asking if I didn’t fed enough food by my parents (as Im always hungry)…every time it was P.E i will get my 10 minutes fame.

Until later just before marriage I still do not have any tummy….im proud of it and flaunt it with low cut jeans…..

…then come pregnancy.

Was I aware that im gonna lose all that fame of having tight flat tummy?...
as I remember …No…although that suppose to be the most gorgeous thing I had in my life during that time…did I worry?....surprisingly No.

I was more concern about a living organism growing inside of me.

Did I ever plan to go on diet after pregnancy?...again no….

And now surprisingly after 2 children…im going head over heels trying to get rid of it…I think its hilarious….

But one thing for sure…Motherhood WINS.

So here I lay out some tips, do’s and don’ts about losing that bulge on the belly :

  • do bodyweight exercises such as pushups, pull-ups, crunches, and even squats without any outside equipment other than your own body. In order to effectively reduce tummy fat, you have to workout your entire body and not just your abdominal muscles.
  • eat are raw foods, low-fat items, non-dairy foods, and beans. Raw food retains the nutrients that cooked foods don't, and raw food is much easier for your metabolism to break down as well. In regards to low-fat and dairy foods, eat yogurt that either is low in fat or has no fat, and you could try to consume skim milk as well.

  • Your metabolism slows down while you sleep, so I would recommend that you not eat 3-4 hours before you sleep. Eating food during those 3 hours before you lay down will slow the metabolism enough to cause it to store more fat than usual, and that's not what you want. However, egg whites, nuts, and cottage cheese are foods you can eat that will stimulate your metabolism even while you're asleep.

  • Another way of how to trim belly fat is to make sure you're drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day, and if you can, it's better to drink up to a gallon whenever possible. Water intake has a major role in the amount of fat that you'll either store or lose, as it's the best detoxifier to purge out the toxins and wastes that are lodged in your stomach area.

  • In regards to calorie intake, just like eating 4-6 small portions of food everyday instead of 1-3 large portions, try to decrease the amount of calories you get with every meal, instead of only lessening the amount you get for the entire day. What I mean is that when you eat less calories but with 4-6 servings of food, your metabolism will increase compared to eating less calories with only 1-3 big servings of food. If you decrease calories for the whole day, instead of in portions, you'll retard your metabolic process and gain more weight. 

  • Don't slouch if you want to trim belly fat, as standing erect (straight) will use more energy which ends up burning more calories for you. Slumping over all the time contributes heavily to why a lot of peoples are overweight and obese. By the way, having a good posture can hide the fat around your abdominal area, so be sure to stand straight whenever possible. Also, sitting up straight won't burn too many calories, but as you and I know, every little bit counts!
  • make sure that you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday, because if you don't, your metabolism will be exceedingly slow and you will be very tired, both of which are bad (in most cases) for your metabolism. Sleep nourishes and restores the body to optimal conditions in every way, so be sure to get a sufficient amount of it every night while you are sleeping!
  • let go of the junk food: fried foods, sodas, caffeinated beverages, most fruit juices, alcohol, white flour, potato chips, and white breads. All of these items are extremely high in calories, bad carbohydrates, trans-fats, and saturated fats; not only that, they raise your cholesterol levels and they also slow down your metabolism. Instead, replace such things with fresh fruits, whole grain products, fresh vegetables, and anything with lean protein in it!
  • "belly rub" technique, and the way it works is in the fact that the heat from your hands will get into the fat cells of your stomach and get rid of them as you perform this maneuver. The way to do it is to rub your hands together energetically until your hands are very hot, similar to what you would do when it's cold outside and you want to keep yourself warm around a campfire. Anyways, after 30 seconds to a minute, take one of your hands and rub it around the region of your stomach that is bloated for about half a minute (30 seconds or so). You should perform this procedure for about 2-3 minutes twice every day, preferably before you go to sleep and after you awaken the next day. Also, generating heat on your stomach will help your body digest food a lot better as well!
  • incorporate cardio with calisthenics, strength training, and possibly even weight lifting if you want to see the results of your weight loss, as these exercises when combined (with one another) eliminate excess fat from the entire body and you end up with lean muscle, which is great!
  • eat these fat burning foods: egg whites, salmon, cod liver oil, grapefruit, tomatoes, garlic, and walnuts. All of these items have nutrients in them that will melt belly fat fast when eaten on a regular and consistent basis.

  • squats for 5-10 minutes without stopping! When you perform squats, your body will temporarily lose a good amount of oxygen which forces it to make up more oxygen and burn excess fat around your midsection. If you can perform this exercise 3-4 times a week in conjunction with the proper diet, you'll lose inches on your waist line in no time!
  • respond to stress definitely if you want to shrink stomach fat. If you didn't know, having a large amount of stress in your life will cause your body to create hormones like Cortisal, and Cortisal will absolutely cause fat to go directly to your abdominal region. This is why exercise is so essential, as it will relieve a lot of stress that is going on in your mind! However, you can also try meditation and deep breathing, both of which will reduce your stress levels as well.
*sources from the Internet*

    and i close with this exercise video which i simple and...endurable...haha!

      Monday, June 6, 2011

      Having my eyes on you…48kg…

      As I am officially weigh 50kg now…I got mix feeling about it…most of the time I get mix feeling on almost everything…

      All my life…(except during pregnancy) as a normal person I have weighed 50Kg…Is that an achievement?
      My proof to myself that nothing is impossible?
      I always thought of myself having this popular belief of ‘slow metabolism’…(it justify my sentiments on why I am short)…it always regarded that people with slow metabolism able to eat a lot without getting fat easily since they sweat frequently and later deposit the amount of food taken in faster rates.

      And for years I believed that and…becoming so proud while gobbling any food I desire…
      I could have 2 plates of fried noodles; one served with fried eggs and second with fried sausage…sometimes sausages…with chili sauces.
      For lunch I could eat a plate of rice twice the normal size with extra gravy of any dish.
      For dinner I could eat the same amount plus desert with either chocolates or chips….
      Sometime I had tea break with biscuits or cakes or Kueh with icy drinks…I don’t take a lot of hot drinks those days….and these eating habits lasted until my second child…

      Then I quit my job…my daily activities consist of waking up in the morning…cook for my kids…housework…afternoon nap…feed my kids…dinner and fall back to sleep. This is when I started to gain weight and I barely notice until I went back to my hometown and wore the blue jeans for a mini reunion with my old friends…it was tight on the thigh….

      Im getting FAT?!
      At first it was funny and I didn’t take it seriously since I believe once I go back to work I will easily get my normal weight the glorious 45-46kg…but I was wrong…
      So wrong and only realized until later that I must do something about it…why?
      Because im not even 5 feet tall and weighing 50kg? you know the cartoon Smurfs?...except that im not blue…but I could see myself of being short and chubby and…short…

      And so…im on my way to go down to 48kg…I have lessen my food intake…surprisingly without dismay…
      I feel healthy...move more swiftly and BEST of all I didn’t get the false alarm of heart attack when completing the 5 stories flight of stairs to reach my apartment ^_^.

      Back to protocol life


      There goes our 4 days trip back to my hometown.
      Its been great because ;

      • We have accomplished our task of looking after my husband's niece whom been creepily begging to go home for 5 months...
      • My only diet is the exclusive 'Soto' Sudi Mampir
      • I get to experience the 'Tamu' scene in Sandakan
      • I did a few shopping and found the long-wanted faded colored jeans for my son and jeans jumper for my daughter, spandex baggy pants for me and jerseys for my husband...^_^

      We still go to Pizza Hut tho’….

      My kids made some bonding with their cousin and nieces and were asking about them on our way driving leaving Sandakan.

      I didn’t took a lot of picture…since the memory card corrupted…(again)

      Well, my kids were addicted too as much as I am to the Soto Sudi Mampir…I love it! Although the chili was hot, it didn’t torture me in the toilet…and I feel that it’s not a heavy meal instead a healthy meal…rather than taking rice I might risk getting fatter.

      Oh yeah by the way, I am officially 50 kilos now…that assumption proven correct. I found a weight scale underneath the chair in my younger sister’s room and all three ladies were taking turn, I scale the same as my younger sister and we continue our complaints on how we end up…heavy and FAT!. My older sister is about 47?48?...but she assumes she’s lighter…but…we resumes our own complaints….

      On our way to Sandakan the first day, somewhere at ‘Taviu Forest Reserve’ I was shrieking…a woman stood up by the road side, long hair, pink shirt, beige long pants and no shoes…(I think)…she was halting us to stop and I seriously think she was a ghost!...because it was in the middle of nowhere and after my husband warned her with a honk…she kept coming closer until she was standing in the middle of the road…it was quite scary as it was a one way road and the opposite direction vehicle is coming forward, my husband press the gas and we didn’t hit anyone…I didn’t dare to look back if she’s okay and asked my husband where did she came from (as if he have the answer) and he presumes that she might be a crazy person….
      Its still creepy! was in the middle of nowhere….in the middle of the forest some more!...

      I have no theory on how, where, why and who about her.

      So on the way coming back to KK, I was anticipating if we might see her again and this time my older brother was coming with us, we didn’t encounter her and we told the story to my brother and he said..”maybe she’s being kidnapped..”

      I almost said to him “I appreciate your altruism and…imagination but…”since my mind stops at ‘but’…I canceled my intention to reply his comment and we all become quiet for a few minutes.

      She didn’t look kidnapped to me…she still looks like a ghost in my minds eye.

      And so here I am back at my own place and…getting back to my protocol life…loving it!
      …until I forgotten my husbands birthday the next day?!...dang!