Monday, June 27, 2011

This Week @ Weight

Am I beginning to become purely obsessed with my weight or am I just health conscious?

I had  new pair of sports shoes last week…(which. I have not started utilizing it) I have lured my husband…yes lured…again….i continuously, diligently overpowering him with my thoughts about my weight how my new pair of blouses did not fit…how my pants might tear off and how my belly horridly flabby.

Did he bought it?....Yes.
Why?.....i spoke about it every morning and night…even over the phone while working hours.


So yeah he bought me the shoes and I got myself a new sweat pants…(which still sits virginally in the closet …)

Just last Sunday…

He bought me a weight scale (with a monkey and scattered banana around it…yeah I dunno too)

So, here’s for your vote!

Me : Am I obsessed?

Crowd (own) : YEASSS!!!


Now as to some question…when will I start to put the shoes and sweat pants for a show down?...i dunno…so am I just another NATO (No Action Talk Only)…I guess not.

Because I minimize my sleep down to 7 hours and I scrub the sink, fold the laundry, do the laundry, lift some books and steam iron our clothes till my sweat dripping through me eyes…GRRR…I feel like a warrior!

So again Yes.

I frequently asked my husband what would it be like at 5:45AM at our residence…is there a lot of cars going out, students waiting on bus…security on parole?...because I was thinking to go for a jog and later a shower…oh not to forget the stray dogs if they’re up for scraps of food….i wouldn’t want to end up as breakfast for them don’t I ^_^…
My husband said its still dark…so I take is as Bad.

So maybe I can go on Saturdays…which crucially depends on my husband working schedule…
at the moment I could not envision myself with the new green+white sport shoes with Black white stripes sweat pants….i hope soon though….

Leaving me with an option of doing the house chores non-stop and sleep 7 hours instead of the usual 8 hours.

Does it pay off?

Dang right it does!!!

2kg down!....yeah 2kg…ONLY?!....T_T

But…I only started this week! we may get result in…say like another week from now?....

As conclusion I have set my goal to 43Kg…yeas…43Kg….so will I reduce 5kg in a week?...NO (of course not unless im trying to be the cheerleader captain or trying to get a date.)

But, I like to see how far I can go…beside I sworn to myself about 10 years ago that in all my life.
I would never go on a Diet.
So here I am…drafting my Diet schedule….T__^…Life is truly an interesting journey.

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