Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to protocol life


There goes our 4 days trip back to my hometown.
Its been great because ;

  • We have accomplished our task of looking after my husband's niece whom been creepily begging to go home for 5 months...
  • My only diet is the exclusive 'Soto' Sudi Mampir
  • I get to experience the 'Tamu' scene in Sandakan
  • I did a few shopping and found the long-wanted faded colored jeans for my son and jeans jumper for my daughter, spandex baggy pants for me and jerseys for my husband...^_^

We still go to Pizza Hut tho’….

My kids made some bonding with their cousin and nieces and were asking about them on our way driving leaving Sandakan.

I didn’t took a lot of picture…since the memory card corrupted…(again)

Well, my kids were addicted too as much as I am to the Soto Sudi Mampir…I love it! Although the chili was hot, it didn’t torture me in the toilet…and I feel that it’s not a heavy meal instead a healthy meal…rather than taking rice I might risk getting fatter.

Oh yeah by the way, I am officially 50 kilos now…that assumption proven correct. I found a weight scale underneath the chair in my younger sister’s room and all three ladies were taking turn, I scale the same as my younger sister and we continue our complaints on how we end up…heavy and FAT!. My older sister is about 47?48?...but she assumes she’s lighter…but…we resumes our own complaints….

On our way to Sandakan the first day, somewhere at ‘Taviu Forest Reserve’ I was shrieking…a woman stood up by the road side, long hair, pink shirt, beige long pants and no shoes…(I think)…she was halting us to stop and I seriously think she was a ghost!...because it was in the middle of nowhere and after my husband warned her with a honk…she kept coming closer until she was standing in the middle of the road…it was quite scary as it was a one way road and the opposite direction vehicle is coming forward, my husband press the gas and we didn’t hit anyone…I didn’t dare to look back if she’s okay and asked my husband where did she came from (as if he have the answer) and he presumes that she might be a crazy person….
Its still creepy! was in the middle of nowhere….in the middle of the forest some more!...

I have no theory on how, where, why and who about her.

So on the way coming back to KK, I was anticipating if we might see her again and this time my older brother was coming with us, we didn’t encounter her and we told the story to my brother and he said..”maybe she’s being kidnapped..”

I almost said to him “I appreciate your altruism and…imagination but…”since my mind stops at ‘but’…I canceled my intention to reply his comment and we all become quiet for a few minutes.

She didn’t look kidnapped to me…she still looks like a ghost in my minds eye.

And so here I am back at my own place and…getting back to my protocol life…loving it!
…until I forgotten my husbands birthday the next day?!...dang!

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