Friday, May 27, 2011

that was sweet but...

i've been wanting to go to my hometown since last month...but some family matters disallow so...

i persist but later give up and started to plan for the week...the day before the holiday start my husband let out the news that we are going to drive 6 hours to my hometown the very next day.

  • am i happy?
  • am i excited?

i dunno..with me to do all the packing and the overlarge dinner i cooked that night i started to feel overwhelmed

  • we can't finish the extra meal i cook ( i was thinking to fried the rice for breakfast the next day)
  • i was going to do laundry
  • i have to pack for 4 persons in short time...

these makes me understand that i am initially not a spontaneous person...i mean i never know anyone who has few children and still being spontaneous...i mean its a cliche for a single or dating person right...

and so i couldn't sleep well because of all the pending task that should be doing and can't be doing and the planning for postponed tasks always makes my head goes heavy...

But i will be in my hometown agenda?

Shopping (window)

and probably a lot of sleeping ^_^

I was thankful that my husband being so thoughtful to give me the surprise but....for a long distance journey and self drive....its not a very pleasant surprise...

Pleasant surprise would be :

  • a trip to an island just 15 minutes from the mainland
  • a fancy dinner at the favorite restaurant
  • a nice colored shawl
  • a flower...a daisy maybe
  • Chocolates
  • or a free coupon for full body massage or Spa!...

yeah that's more like it....

But, im happy that he did so...because maybe it made him feel good...and nothing beats making other people feel good ^_^(my head still throbbing as i didn't get much sleep thinking about our things that still unpacked under the bed...)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Im going to make myself a promise…

I will sworn to stay clear from HYPOCRITES.

I’ll tell you one fact that is so true.

Once you met a person who is talking about someone behind their back…She will surely talks about you behind your back to…

Im not talking in general I am better be more specific.

If your friend talks about another friend…that is normal…yeap I said normal…Why?

Aww, Come on! Gossips attracts girls like bee…that’s nothing extra ordinary.

Im specifically describing about a person who does not know the person that she slander even for 4 or 6 months…

This type of person could simply muckraking about someone who they just met just to gain your trust and later this same person will team up with the person that she just slandered and do the same to you behind your back to earn the trust of the opposite party.

After that either two things might happen :

1)      you will smear your reputation by getting into a verbal and scandalous argument with the other party.
2)      you will be left out, defeated by the other party and alienated.

As you can see either way…You Lose.

I learned the hard way.

And so im going to make a vow.

1)      Once a person who I just met or knew for a long time talks bad about someone who I doubt having a long term relationship with her then she will be in that category = Hypocrites.
2)      As long as someone talks negative about other person without logic that is already a sign.
3)      When a person started to whispering, eye-rolling and getting into an annoyingly closer distance to me while talking specifically about another individual that is already the ‘BIG’ sign.

The girl that I met is a nasty one…she could do it in one night until the other party almost manipulated into her schemes…
My Bad? Is that I naively thought that she has change, grown up and simply choose benevolence.

But, im wrong and BIG time Wrong….
I only realized that when she almost succeded in pulling off her tricks.

Hypocrites are those who knows how to play tricks with their words, facial expression and even action.

Hypocrites are those who weirdly trying so bad to be your friend until you almost never see her flaw.

Hypocrites is like a person that is tooo good to be true.

Hypocrites are those who champ in the game called ‘Manipulation’

Hypocrites are those who always want to know more and a lot more about you!

Hypocrites are most dangerous when they know where your weakness is.

Hypocrites are those who sleeps at night after making other people life’s miserable.

Hypocrites only has one agenda : GREED for their own satisfaction, lust, want and needs…To Win it all…to never lose even for a little while or a little bit…

Therefore my friends, NEVER ever let your guards down. I have included 3 tips above and if you have more tips on how to stay clear from HYPOCRITES. Please do share them.

Let us all pray that God will ensure our safety from such Instigator.


Friday, May 20, 2011

No marriage.

im sorry....

i don't care about romance...i focus on Mutual Understanding.
That's marriage.

love is essential but without understanding...well i wish you well for the shortcoming of your long term suffering...

without love there may be no romance...
without mutual understanding there is nothing.

romance can kill you...and sometimes you die alone...(please read the ultimate true love story title 'Romeo & Juliet')

now when all you got is love...when your kids are growing and there is lack of understanding, that will caused lack of think your kids will absorb positive value out of a family life that is lack of interaction?

Do you SERIOUSLY think that you get benefit out of...simple love?

This is not about personal gain...this is about nurturing...with just love to your husband?will you be able to nurture your kids with all the useful,benevolent values?
Will you be really happy with your empty sacrifices?

Wake up.

This is no fairy tale...the 21st century is not even close to fairy tale.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Really HATE your guts right now!

Im not talking about the man vs woman thing but I will passionately talks deeply about one’s character and action.

This is not about ego.This about future : you know having kids and financially freedom and the bliss of marriage.

Do you seriously think you can attain that by getting involved with some who is JUST like yourself? With no eccentricity, no other version, no difference, no vice versa…Its like you are a piece of paper torn into two…instead of your edges meeting in the middle…You actually have exactly the same edges…left and right, swirls and twisted…
You drank she drank.
You’re a creep she’s a creep
You’re sleazy she’s sleazy….


You seriously think the high paid job you had now will get you happiness?...deep inside you are that person who lacks of courage and discipline…
Life isn’t all about sugar candy and jelly beans just because you have the money.

Life is about giving in, sacrifice and Persistence….will you be as happy as you ‘thought’ you are right now?...WHEN


Where’s your happiness then?^_^

You know one thing I learnt when I was a combustible – tempered person?...(I still am!)

When you can’t take it…whether you feel oppressed or injusticly treated or you simply not getting things that you wanted…..AND…you swallow that PAIN…

Honestly im telling you this as a friend….It Will Taste SWEETER in the end.


Ask me why?

Because. GOD is FAIR. God Gives REWARD. GOD spreads Happiness…BUT…it all depends on what you sow…shall you reap.

Sow a pretentious girl…well…good news : Congratulations you now officially have a breeding machine ^_^
The bad news?
You have no BESTFRIEND that lies with you in bed when you’re at old ages and dying…

Dude…I think your problem now is that you have forgotten where you came from…you lost your value…you lost yourself back there…you’re a sad excuse.

I will not wish you happiness…I am JUST that…why? Because I know you won’t have it.
She won’t have it…why?

Because sooner or later you will neglect her.

You will always go back to your old habits because there is no one to nurture your soul and so you will never discover the truth of BENEVOLENCE…

That so-called virtue you were ‘trying’ to fight for when I knew you back in 2009…

Im sorry for both of you lamers…

God is probably mad at you both.

(I probably apologize for what I wrote above when my temper cool down…but now now. Im gonna let it hang up there until I can fully digest what has happen…to who I use to regard as a good man….Congrates you have just succumb yourself to the world of PAIN ^_^)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

March 2010

A washing machine will determine whether i would get a raise or not.

this has gotta be one of the not-so-good time in my career life at this company... a washing machine will then improves my chances of getting an increment.
It was interesting as i was never being brief that i ought to buy mechanical stuff for the company itself...i was not being warned about the risk of being blame for a malfunction electrical items.

If i don't go out in the sun during these hot March of 2010 and walk by foot to get to the bus station and later took a bus to another complex about 20 minutes away from where i work a local bus with a risk of standing up with a bunch of stinky and possibly pick-pocket and later to survey...just for a survey for the most special, exceptional, perfect and miraculously cheap washing machine. Still there is no guarantee that they will agree on my suggestion.

Once i lay it out they will probably simply reject and thank me for doing exactly things they wouldn’t do for they know it is not necessary anyway. Clearly they know i am not experience and probably i have a bad taste anyway, but! They still send me out because they pay me to be their dog for fetching bones...yeah!just for fun!throw the bone and the doggy will come right back only to request them to throw the bone away is fun watching people do chores for your own amusement i gotta say...and these people…SLEEPS AT NIGHT.....with the little money they pay me and the tremendous job i did...they…sleeps at night.

I am not just simply angry, i am not just frustrated. I am heart-broken. I did well and i know it. My family knows the sacrifice i did. My friends know the grievances i have endured. I know how to appreciate therefore i know when people do not appreciate. I am a hater and yes i can notice another fellow hater. I kept hearing this excuses that if i do not perform then i will not get a raise and suddenly the method of performing in my job may promptly shifted to something else
And every time when it comes to increment; the level of performance will simply change into something that they automatically or abruptly desire as quick as a wink. Without appointment letter with all the list of task become outdated and another task magically appear from nowhere that i am entitle to do a particular unrelated-to-job-position task and that if i refuse to commit, there goes my increment down the drain.

Most people won't do it. One is because they know it when they are being fooled. Two is that its a strenuous commitment and Three, you feed their lasciviousness and they will yearn for more and you will be forever stuck as an old dog under your cruel and selfish master feet.

Dictatorship you may call it…slavery some people call it...stupid to whom that follow...but i say it is reason to survive that keeps them there. They wouldn’t care if i have two kids, they wouldn’t care if i have a life and they don't. They wouldn’t care.

The saddest part of all is that i felt like i have no choice...if i quit, how am i be able to feed my kids, to save enough money for their education, to have enough money for clinics and food. If i stay, i am deteriorating and i know it will fall back to my kids, family, work colleague and friends, in the end if i stay, i get nothing but bad feeling for i know they will never change their way and i will have no place to go. They will not recognize my contribution that i know deep within my heart, I’ve see what happens in others and I am no fool.

Through the end, i think im just gonna play along for a little while, and i believe there will soon be a reward waiting for me for all that i have endured. I believe that Allah S.W.T is baking something very special for me in the oven and i know when it happen there will be no more turning back into this tragic condition of living the minority life with pay that sucks and work loads that is never adequate to earn an appreciation either via salary increment or any sorts of gratification.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Would you consider a….’scandal?’

I asked my husband the other day while we were window shopping for a new vacuum cleaner whether he would believe me if I were to tell him or if he found out by himself that I have an affair.
With his usual nonchalant expression he respond ; no.

I am puzzled for a second whether to feel flattered or flabbergasted.

Flattered : because that would mean im still eligible and..err attractive?
Flabbergasted : because then he wouldn’t bother if im around or not…

And as usual I become the pusher and asked him whether he would go against me towards the affair or will he go amok and such…calmly he replied that he would happily let me go and wish my happiness but with one condition the kids stays with him and with that I laughed out loud.

That has gotta be his honest impression and answer.

Well I explained to him; then he will not stand a chance…because I impregnate those kids 9 months each and I have struggle through life and death during childbirth and I risk my career, reputation and freedom for my kids. Looks like he’s gonna stuck with me for a long time since its always a vice versa between us. If he could do that, I could do that too and so its going to be a merry go round between us ^_^

Well as a normal person I do hope we could establish true feelings between us ; that kind of thing where people vow their loyalty to each other and promise not to love another for the rest of their life.
I wish it could be that simple, but matrimony is a LOT like a proposition. Its give and take…and if its only taking then it really is about human rights violation such as wife being abuse mentally and physically regardless directly or unconsciously.
I think we all need to respect marriage as a more like a proposition rather than about all love and romance and drown in feelings and extended into injustices and negligence.
So what if your husband threats you, you can threat them back regardless in joking matter or even dead serious.
Harsh…but its fair for both party and I believe the percentage of that marriage to last in happiness is higher.
Although some people stays in marriage never divorce, doesn’t mean that they’re all happy and fulfilled, some suffer in silence due to a victim of affair, some deprived from love and sentiments and some dwell in codependency for a dangerous amount of time…

Honestly I do not know how to keep my marriage from breaking apart by giving in and being sanguine…I just had this wild idea that Men has got to accept that women does know what they’re doing, feeling and saying and not easily corrupted by the traditional mindset of men being the chauvinistic.

I…love my husband ^_^. Love him enough to express my meaning in a crystal-clear way.
But, honestly I do not know for sure what he thinks of me…probably some loud, 48kg (almost 50kg) female who talks around the house while doing house chores and the one to call when he need some thoughts on last minute subject.

But honestly?...i don’t know, no one knows…only God knows.

Would I consider an affair just to get myself out of the silence abuse in negligence or just to get a kick in feeling romance again you know the kind of thing to spice up your life again…

Like I said…no one knows only God knows but…as I am at clear-headed ambiance this month…I could not do so…maybe I could…its simple! Men falls in love with their eyes, while women fell in love with their ears!...see how simple that is?!

But could i?...
Could I pretend that my kids can accept this new guy as their dad?
Could I pretend that I have other kids with someone else and borne new ones?!

I don’t think I could…beside I came to really like this 3 people in my life…hahaha…
Everyday in and out my children talks about their dad, looking for their dad, cry and call dad…think my kid is stupid?..calling some other guy different in height, skin color and voice “Dad”…

Would I betray my kids trust that me as mom will ensure their happiness the minute they are born into this world?

Would I lie to my own feelings about the guy that used to take my breath away and look at someone else in the eyes and said…”this is that guy”…damn…that really sound stupid as it looks…

And then came Death….will I totally forgotten this guy or will I regret the choice I made and said…I could’ve work harder and he could’ve been by my side, holding my hands and whisper to my ear “we did it”…

I couldn’t…because the moment I choose him I already told myself you are throwing yourself in one big mess and don’t you dare to turn back…hahaha!

I really do not think scandal is a solution to marriage nightmares…I believe in proposition and as vain as it might be we all has something to offer and with value, be brave, be very brave to speak out but above all…hinder from hidden agenda and keep the relationship transparent.

As an old Chinese saying “if a relationship has to be a secret…then don’t be in it”

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day...

This year I got an early wish as early as 2 days earlier…so im not so sure is it because my husband overlook the dates or he just…you know…being insensitive. Or!it might be because I was on protest for the previous 2 days due to his ‘insensitivity’(that seem to be the highlight of the month of our marital life)

Soon after reconciliation..i never stop mumbling about what kind of present will I get this year..since its also our 5th anniversary…and I had the sweetest reply ;

“I can’t be giving you present cuz you will demand presents every year and so im gonna buy you dinner all the delicious food and make you so full”

…I was like…”yeah sure,I’ll eat as much as I can no problem, but I will be ironing only half of your shirt, brush only half of your pants and wash only one piece of your sock…hows that for a deal?”…but of course in silence while my eyes blinking looking at the sky and clouds and trees...

And so I had this fancy dinner…a 3 course meal involving a plate of seafood pizza, chicken lasagna, cappuccino smoothies and a slice of chocolate cake…did I finish it?...well I did take away home half of the pizza and slurp every bit of the cappuccino and gobble up the chocolate cake and getting high…

On the exactly Mother’s Day…I iron our clothes for the next one week and scrub the toilet and bathroom…my husband must be thinking the dinner that night before must have been paid off…but NOooo…I continued my mumbling…until later by the end of the day my husband stop over to the shopping complex to buy me 6 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate…that’s okay…because it was tied in a ribbon and in a heart shaped box…yeah that shut my mouth.

Its not always about the price of the gift…or how it looks…its just about..Gift. Something that is given from one person to another as a symbol of appreciation and with an intention to cherish the other person…mine is wrap in a polyethylene plastic bag…T_T and later infested by a 2 ½ year old girl as late as 1030pm…(she actually hinder herself from falling asleep until i offer her the chocolates)

But the next day…I started my complaints again and lure my husband to buy me The Body Shop Perfume…he complaints but follow me to the shop…he was serious up till picking a particular scent for me…but …it was just a test ^_^ and he pass...(with money still in his wallet)

I don’t want perfume or jewelry....i am not fully sure what i wanted but it could be;...just...pure appreciation.

As simple as simple as being a mum ^_^

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kids on the Prowl!

Last week has been exclusively interesting, we brought our kids to visit their father's friend house who is celebrating 'Opening House'...
built on stilts and by the swamp...and my kids had their taste of wooden floor house. We had delicious dinner and the kids went Havoc!

Attack of the Miniature Ultramans!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

not dead yet ^__^

I yearn to go back into writing… and few questions popped into my mind :

have I not having any ideas?
Am I becoming lazy bone
Did I tire my audience?
Did I …lose it?

I believe if I work a little bit more in thinking surely I could find the answer…so I guess its gotta be number 2 above.

Anyway, I have not been into this blog for like 6 month now,…have I been busy?Not Really!..been out of job for 5 months certainly unfit to the description of Busy.
But yeah, I made some life and made some living…mostly living.
As in living on my husband expenses haha!...i’ve been doing  A Lot of online shopping.
Then I sew every torn clothes in the house.
I made a new room out of our storage room…^_^ that will be the top achievement throughout my jobless term of my life.

But then on February this year I decided it’s a ‘Go-Go’ time, so I filled in into the most legitimate company I know and with some confidence; get the job.

I like it ^_^…but for some reason I have to get myself out of there…I have seen :

Pure Evil (the very meaning of it)

But, above all I get my ‘knock of life’ during that February, I almost drive home…in a burning car and worst taking my friend with me…
Yeap, some wiring error and smoke comes out through the creaks of the steering wheel and smell of burning…I was cursing the car next to me when I saw the gleaming pattern of the smoke lighten by the road light…yeah!its almost poetic and dreamy!

And why did I call it the ‘knock of life’…

I manage to pull out at the right time, the right place where I almost out at the junction where there’s some tiny space where I could squeeze in my car at the parking lot.
There happens to be people on the next car, and my work colleague were just in time coming out of the office and there were 5 of them.
The gentleman on the next car knew exactly what to do and has exactly the right tools. He has pliers and a bottle of water.
My husband was in town.

That kinda wake me up a bit and I could say a sign that I have been doing something I should not been doing ; trying too hard.
Have I waited at home for the next two months I would still get the job I wanted. But I decided my decision is more important than my feeling, I made myself squeezed in a situation that im not necessary involve. Have I waited I would not hurt myself a lot in seeing corruption, dishonesty and put myself into hypocrisy.

I learnt that the hard way and deep inside my heart, I knew it’s a sign but, I don’t know a sign for which warning…so I moved on and I did suffer the most difficult part ; being alienated at worst…yet, looking back I don’t feel so hurt, because the people who had their conspiracy against me is not noble or benevolent themselves so…probably im not on the wrong side since I am not apart of their band-wagon.

But here I am.
Sitting on my own booth with cubicles, some privacy, good music and BEST of all a quiet surrounding…NO : Gossip, Slandering, Conspiracy, Evil, Hatred issues ^_^…what’s more rewarding than that!.

Yet, I will enhance my action in making sure that these comfort and peacefulness will stay as a part of my Big, Wondrous Life ^_^

I wish I could write more about my experience of my ‘Knock of Life’ but believe it or not…it’s that kind of thing that goes beyond words. It’s the kind of thing you carry most of your life and follow you every day.
The burnt spot in the car, the smell of burning, smokes…these are my sign to go back to where I came from. A reminder of who I want to be that is who I am. The promise I made and the commitment that whispering into my ear.

Im not perfect and I probably not as good as anybody else but, I have chosen to become to be who I want to be and I won’t stop just there when people jeopardize my reputation and try to kick me out or try to pull me down.

A person is more than just how they looks or how they think. A larger part of them is how they feel and these are not easy to define.

So, nobody’s perfect. Someday you see others are smarter than you and someday dumber but above all there is no certainty in life and will never be….all we able to do is cherish the moments grab the opportunity, choose happiness as an attitude and above all remember your creator…you didn’t just come pop down to earth by a tiny organism, remember the ONE that puts a living mechanism to that tiny organism. It’s not simple so if you failed to realize that then you failed in life.

Life is not just about materialistic gain it’s also about spiritual awareness. In the coming future the world will be filled by people who can earn materialism so easily, regardless the noble way or corrupted way. Until the most challenging things to achieve in life during that time will be; excel in your spiritual gain.

The world is getting older. Everything is so easy and I think we all need to challenge ourselves to do the difficult thing: Cherish GOD.

Im writing this; still does not apply me as perfect / good/ noble/ benevolent.
Im not even trying to but…im… just a sucker for adventure.^__^
And, I choose this.

So folks, wish me well and I hope such ideas will tickle your mind and we all elevate ourselves closer and higher to heaven.^_^.

Quotes : the summation of thoughts (revised #2)

~Self control is = thinking twice.
~moment of certainty will never work your hardest and Best!~
~-Forgive is easy...but to forget is not easy, yet..its easier to forget so that the next time it is repeated the hurt felt like the first time rather than the second time adds up to injury of such as 'fool me once,shame on you.Fool me twice,shame on me'
~during negative thinking infestation...even your logic side of brain will cheat on you a Component....But,

~‎'to reach for another,is to risk involvement,but...risk if you must,for the greatest risk risk nothing at all'-unknown-

~i guess vigilant is the best traits we all need to have to avoid being taken advantage or get hurt....again...

~anger is like standing on one feet, if you do not have good control of will fall

~in a relationship : Women fell in love with their ears. Men fell in love with their eyes

~Nobody's Perfect!

~Commitment is such a scary thing...but when you have it, you won't turn back on anything

~we act ourselves into feeling not feeling ourselves into action

~in life, there's no real security-only oppurtunity

~I believe in Kindness!God is Good!I love God!

~yg baik itu dari Allah,yg buruk itu dari saya sendiri

~how to get along with people : tell them what they want to a rockstar you a goody person you bless them...

~self esteem = is the degree of how much you love your ownself...regardless of your own ugliness and charm :)

~ppl who cannot avoid minor dissapoinments...may looks fragile yet these ppl are the ones that can avoid major dissapointments = ppl who can avoid minor dissapointments may ended up in major be short be willing to hurt a little here and there or you may be hurt deeper and in longer run.

~time is precious and best spent with your loved ones

~its not about how happy you are, its about doing the right thing; that is being Happy!

~you only given ONE life,whatchoo gonna do with it?

~I'm not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round. -Muhammad Ali- ~

~di mulakan dgn bismillah di sudahi dgn alhamdullilah bgt la sehari dlm hidup kita mudah2an di rahmati Allah-Raihan-

~Ingat lima perkara, sebelum lima perkara ,Sihat sebelum sakit,Muda sebelum tua, kaya sebelum miskin ,Lapang sebelum sempit ,Hidup sebelum mati-Raihan-

~nothing is too late for anything good

~slandering has a rebounce effect ; if you don't want people to slander you behind your back, try to talk about other ppl as little as you can behind their the words of the wise ; if you have nothing nice to say ; shut up.

~believe it or not ; being selfless is a great motivator to have a fulfilled life.(stops us from being vain of our own self/thinking for the benefit of others blocks us from seeing all our own dissatisfaction).

~If people are stupid,its not your fault;so don't feel bad

~i found that reflection is the best part of motivation ; each time others commit a mistake, ask yourself 'what about me?am i like that?'you'll soon to realize your own level of decency...and you no longer feel bad towards them let alone about your ownself.

~work with your heart,passion and talent at its best and you'll never live in vain.As human,when we are insecure of how good we are. We will precedes into our excellence and still not knowing about how well we've done...And that is the essence of 'The Flow' ; The neurobiology of Excellence.

~sharing ; flamboyant as it may is Love.

~Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” ~ Oscar Wilde

~As parents, our children is like a mirror ; they reflect on how we treat others...literally.

~ever wonder when you do your 'business' in the toilet your tears flows through your eyes? is actually triggered by our subconscious mind whereby it commit an action and sense of release similar to a an emotional trauma through sadness and grievance.We cry to let go of negative emotion and therefore when our body release toxic's from our body our body system automatically release 'fake' tears as a results of absolution.

~Whatever u give a woman, she will make it greater. Give her sperm, she will give u a baby. Give her a house, she will give u a home. Give her groceries, she will give u a meal. Give her a smile n she will give u her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if u give her crap, be ready to receive a o.........f shit...

~Positive Thinking ; Too large for worry,too noble for anger,too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble

~the world does not revolve around you ; You revolve around the world. So spare the world your vanity.

~perhaps some reason why people are unhappy is because they don't know WHAT makes them happy

~and when it comes to decision-making,she became the knights of the shining Armour and he's the damsel in distress.

~for some ppl marriage is the 'leap of their life' ; the biggest risk they ever take and for some ppl marriage is just one of the various path in life they gotta taste...and there my friends you could see the obvious difference between man and woman towards their selection of decision

~to learn to forgive others; one must learn 'what' is love and compassion first.Forgiveness is the highest degree of Love and compassion...

~when life gives you a lemon...make lemonades out of it...(and please don't just squirt it to others eyes...)

~Im blind + you're deaf = Happiness in Marriage

~i don't worry about my circumstances...i create them ;-- Law of Attraction simplified. -Anonymous-

~Excellent Customer Service is how well you grant your own Self -Esteem....its that easy!When you feel good others feel good too!

~"What other people think of you is none of your business"...- now that's Positive Thinking and purely high Self-Esteem.

~your job does not cost you your no speeding while driving...regardless if its Monday or flooded or you already late...:)

~people who always complaint things,slander others and frequently agitated although how well they justified themselves is in truth and deeply having a bigger attitude problem within their own selves.

~im not rich(i probably never will) not poor(has never been my goal) just HAPPY!

~in every adversity, it is actually a BLESSING in disguise

~"don't blame me, the road ahead is so straight till i don't realize im not making any progress"...hence my friends be thankful if you have a twisted road ahead, for you never know,each turning point might be your next BIG thing! many twist and turns?! imagine how much BIG things you could get!!!

~“Anyone can become angry - that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way - this is not easy.”-Aristotle-

~problem gives you insights and perspective,therefore be thankful if you get loads of 'em as you will get abundance of insights and perspectives.

~procrastination and complaining has the same function...they make your life even worst

~gotta be thankful regardless of any circumstances in your life even if it seems to be a disadvantages, because if we try to avoid it in any way especially in a demeaning manner, it will always catches up with us again and worst in an even more demeaning event. What happened to you is for a reason. Try to dodge will only caused more complications.

~stick and stones may hurt my bones(but not words...not words)

~you can 'buy' happiness,you actually pay for it..but it only applies to one particular currency called : Time

~Happiness is not just feeling, but also a sentiment ; applied into one's mind will enhance emotion though not necessarily material but nevertheless promote joyfulness in one's heart and soul and that will produce a smile on one's face regardless how poor or disappointed a person can be.

~with the right Mind, the right Tool and the right TIME...anything is possible!

~ its the energy that you radiates that will dramatized your surrounding

~don't get confuse between happiness and sorrow, if he can offer you happiness don't consider him as apart of your sorrow, if they give you sorrow don't expect them to offer you happiness

~heart is the core...

~jangan kau takut kerana susah...jangan kau menangis kerana perit...jangan kau tewas ketika diduga...:)

~a person who can have Extreme Anger is also the person who can have Powerful Resilience..Joan of Arc, Braveheart may say that's a myth and legends, but try to google into Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez. They have endured long and painful court trials,life imprisonment until of course they were killed or punished...and for some their resilience last.