Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day...

This year I got an early wish as early as 2 days earlier…so im not so sure is it because my husband overlook the dates or he just…you know…being insensitive. Or!it might be because I was on protest for the previous 2 days due to his ‘insensitivity’(that seem to be the highlight of the month of our marital life)

Soon after reconciliation..i never stop mumbling about what kind of present will I get this year..since its also our 5th anniversary…and I had the sweetest reply ;

“I can’t be giving you present cuz you will demand presents every year and so im gonna buy you dinner all the delicious food and make you so full”

…I was like…”yeah sure,I’ll eat as much as I can no problem, but I will be ironing only half of your shirt, brush only half of your pants and wash only one piece of your sock…hows that for a deal?”…but of course in silence while my eyes blinking looking at the sky and clouds and trees...

And so I had this fancy dinner…a 3 course meal involving a plate of seafood pizza, chicken lasagna, cappuccino smoothies and a slice of chocolate cake…did I finish it?...well I did take away home half of the pizza and slurp every bit of the cappuccino and gobble up the chocolate cake and getting high…

On the exactly Mother’s Day…I iron our clothes for the next one week and scrub the toilet and bathroom…my husband must be thinking the dinner that night before must have been paid off…but NOooo…I continued my mumbling…until later by the end of the day my husband stop over to the shopping complex to buy me 6 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate…that’s okay…because it was tied in a ribbon and in a heart shaped box…yeah that shut my mouth.

Its not always about the price of the gift…or how it looks…its just about..Gift. Something that is given from one person to another as a symbol of appreciation and with an intention to cherish the other person…mine is wrap in a polyethylene plastic bag…T_T and later infested by a 2 ½ year old girl as late as 1030pm…(she actually hinder herself from falling asleep until i offer her the chocolates)

But the next day…I started my complaints again and lure my husband to buy me The Body Shop Perfume…he complaints but follow me to the shop…he was serious up till picking a particular scent for me…but …it was just a test ^_^ and he pass...(with money still in his wallet)

I don’t want perfume or jewelry....i am not fully sure what i wanted but it could be;...just...pure appreciation.

As simple as simple as being a mum ^_^

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