Friday, May 20, 2011

No marriage.

im sorry....

i don't care about romance...i focus on Mutual Understanding.
That's marriage.

love is essential but without understanding...well i wish you well for the shortcoming of your long term suffering...

without love there may be no romance...
without mutual understanding there is nothing.

romance can kill you...and sometimes you die alone...(please read the ultimate true love story title 'Romeo & Juliet')

now when all you got is love...when your kids are growing and there is lack of understanding, that will caused lack of think your kids will absorb positive value out of a family life that is lack of interaction?

Do you SERIOUSLY think that you get benefit out of...simple love?

This is not about personal gain...this is about nurturing...with just love to your husband?will you be able to nurture your kids with all the useful,benevolent values?
Will you be really happy with your empty sacrifices?

Wake up.

This is no fairy tale...the 21st century is not even close to fairy tale.

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