Tuesday, August 23, 2011

some people choosed sacrifice...

This story is derived from the Japanese animation movie : Tokyo Godfathers.
Its about a bum, a transvestite and a runway teenage girl whose trying to return a baby they found in the dumpster back to her mother.
It was....touching as they all come together in the end and it changed their life forever.

There once a Red Devil who wants to make friends with people. But since he was a devil no one would want to go near him. So his friend the Blue Devil made a plan. He’d wreak havoc among the people and the Red Devil would save them.

Red Devil(gasping)       : “When you try to achieve something, someone’s bound to get hurt!”
Blue Devil(smiling)        : “You always have to sacrifice something”

The plan worked.
But the Blue Devil had to go away so that they’d never know it was a trick.
It was a sad story….

-From the movie Tokyo Godfathers(2003)-

i just thought about it after i scolded at my younger sister via FB due to her fashion interest and shopping that may cause my father's 'already-none' fortune.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramadhan Day 9

A lady moved her car to reverse while i was behind her car and holding hands with my son to send him to the nursery.
I started to wonder...did she not see us from her side mirror?...i don't get it. Probably never will.

Now...that may sound normal but...this is the same person who blocked my car from exiting the nursery the other day.

Hmm...maybe she have some problems...that i prefer to remain uneducated.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

6 weeks : 45kg

I scaled my weight this morning.
...so im officially 45Kg.

My diet started on the 23rd June and today 8th August...approximately 6 weeks.
I guess now i can go back on my normal eating schedule that is 3 times a day meal and back to other junk food of my favorites.
And...all my clothes fits back on me ^_^.

But i guess i must resume on other habits such as :
  • avoid 'second round'
  • Eat dinner at 6:30pm 
  • go to bed at 10pm
  • Must have Fruits or veggies on daily intake..RIGOROUSLY.
  • 2.5 @ 3 liter of water everyday
  • Exercise @ jog at least once a week (Saturday)
  • Do house chores continuously and avoid the 'couch potato' syndrome
  • Take normal amount of 3 meals per day and avoid brunch and snack.
  • still take the stairs to the office instead of the elevator.
But, momentarily since its Ramadhan that plan has to wait while i undergo the fasting season.
During these time, all i have to do is just watch my calorie intake while skipping exercise and dieting(i don't even have to ^_^).

Well let's hope i will remain 45kg for the rest of my life ^_^.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Day 4

I took the day off.

To look after my son, he was beginning to feel better, i bathed him with coconut water and...forced him to drink a full milk bottle of coconut water.

I feed him and put him to sleep...then watched the movie 'Inception'...
When at 4pm i started to feel menstrual cramps...'auww nooo...'

So i tried to lay down horizontal all the time...to keep away from gravity X_X...for only an hour or so huhu
At 5:30pm...i got my menses....ONE HOUR left T_T

Everyting happens for a reason ...

Ramadhan Day 3

Day started as usual until at 12 noon, my kids nursery owner called me.

With deep and serious tone she let me know that she suspected my son caught 'Chicken pox'..."he was running the high fever and couldn't sleep"...

Now i have bad memory of high fever when my daughter turned blue and almost pass out when she was 8 months old.

So i shut down my computer, get my permission and went to the nursery to pick my son and drive straight to the clinic...although actually i have brought my son to the same clinic the night before but it was not a clever diagnosis by the young doctor.

At noon time, fasting and a son with high fever the sun shows no mercy and my son was crying in discomfort and scratching his whole body.
I remember those words...the more tested you were the closer you are to God...so i ..prevail.
Long waiting in the clinic...turns out my son was only catching a bad case of heat rash or possible food allergy.

On the way home we stop over at the market to buy some coconut  to cool my son's body temperature.
Next stop is a supermarket to get him some fish and meat products.

I prevailed until 6:34.^_^

Ramadhan Day 2

I feel ashamed, angry, irritated, being treated unjustly, being mock and ridicule.

And suddenly i feel such lump in my throat...i thought im being helpful..clearly im not operating under this officer instead with another higher officer but...(well i spare you the details) this person is becoming demanded and oh so expressive in putting his point across.

Not to mention his ignorance on the barrier between a muslim women (Married some more!)with other man regardless muslim or non-muslim...knock my head TWICE...with a pen...totally ignorant!.

Its no surprises i felt lump in my throat...i believe anyone would feel the same but i guess no one expect that i would react that way since i could appear unassuming at times...

I consulted my sister and she advise me to set a parameter with this person and i knew exactly what to do.

I wouldn't be bother being regarded as snobbish. I have made up my mind.
Anywhere i go my life sustenance is decided by Allah and not from any feeble human being...we all are feeble so i have no fear.
If he desired to put me down. I am Not Ready To Fall.

I will reach and achieve. Come what may. I will guard my fortress.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan Day 1

This is a journal of what i have been through this Ramadhan 2011.

On the first day i have made a full one month schedule for our Breakfast menu and dinner...yes....one whole month!..although it mostly consist of plain soup or steam or simply boiled...(no it does not include a list of spices and herbs) but honesly when you look at it, it simply about getting through the month without catching any disease and strictly on calories count.

So yesterday i went to Menggatal market....got lost...TWICE!...it was the right junction when my confidence deny me.
I've purchased 2 kilo of chicken and some carrots.

and...this is when im tested :
The sun is in my eye...literally i felt like i was melting in my car and the A/C does'nt work such miracle...
And then the traffic jam...oh the traffic jam. In the midst between anger and faith i thought they should closed the Bazaar in that area since it caused too much congestion...(probably the worst in KK due to Bazaar) but in the light of that little faith i started telling myself...probably the food in this Bazaar are the best!maybe there's some local cuisine that is rare to be found and only available in that Bazaar...so... i manage to quiet myself in my car (while melting...)

Thank Allah that was the only thing yesterday...my kids refuse to finish their dinner but i guess by being reasonable during that hot melting sun few hours before really did give me an emotional therapy of being receptive...or it might be because of my bland cooking???....

and so i hope...i will get through another day with challenge that i could bear...InsyaAllah.