Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Day 2

I feel ashamed, angry, irritated, being treated unjustly, being mock and ridicule.

And suddenly i feel such lump in my throat...i thought im being helpful..clearly im not operating under this officer instead with another higher officer but...(well i spare you the details) this person is becoming demanded and oh so expressive in putting his point across.

Not to mention his ignorance on the barrier between a muslim women (Married some more!)with other man regardless muslim or non-muslim...knock my head TWICE...with a pen...totally ignorant!.

Its no surprises i felt lump in my throat...i believe anyone would feel the same but i guess no one expect that i would react that way since i could appear unassuming at times...

I consulted my sister and she advise me to set a parameter with this person and i knew exactly what to do.

I wouldn't be bother being regarded as snobbish. I have made up my mind.
Anywhere i go my life sustenance is decided by Allah and not from any feeble human being...we all are feeble so i have no fear.
If he desired to put me down. I am Not Ready To Fall.

I will reach and achieve. Come what may. I will guard my fortress.

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