Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Day 3

Day started as usual until at 12 noon, my kids nursery owner called me.

With deep and serious tone she let me know that she suspected my son caught 'Chicken pox'..."he was running the high fever and couldn't sleep"...

Now i have bad memory of high fever when my daughter turned blue and almost pass out when she was 8 months old.

So i shut down my computer, get my permission and went to the nursery to pick my son and drive straight to the clinic...although actually i have brought my son to the same clinic the night before but it was not a clever diagnosis by the young doctor.

At noon time, fasting and a son with high fever the sun shows no mercy and my son was crying in discomfort and scratching his whole body.
I remember those words...the more tested you were the closer you are to i ..prevail.
Long waiting in the clinic...turns out my son was only catching a bad case of heat rash or possible food allergy.

On the way home we stop over at the market to buy some coconut  to cool my son's body temperature.
Next stop is a supermarket to get him some fish and meat products.

I prevailed until 6:34.^_^

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