Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan Day 1

This is a journal of what i have been through this Ramadhan 2011.

On the first day i have made a full one month schedule for our Breakfast menu and whole month!..although it mostly consist of plain soup or steam or simply boiled...(no it does not include a list of spices and herbs) but honesly when you look at it, it simply about getting through the month without catching any disease and strictly on calories count.

So yesterday i went to Menggatal lost...TWICE! was the right junction when my confidence deny me.
I've purchased 2 kilo of chicken and some carrots.

and...this is when im tested :
The sun is in my eye...literally i felt like i was melting in my car and the A/C does'nt work such miracle...
And then the traffic jam...oh the traffic jam. In the midst between anger and faith i thought they should closed the Bazaar in that area since it caused too much congestion...(probably the worst in KK due to Bazaar) but in the light of that little faith i started telling myself...probably the food in this Bazaar are the best!maybe there's some local cuisine that is rare to be found and only available in that i manage to quiet myself in my car (while melting...)

Thank Allah that was the only thing kids refuse to finish their dinner but i guess by being reasonable during that hot melting sun few hours before really did give me an emotional therapy of being receptive...or it might be because of my bland cooking???....

and so i hope...i will get through another day with challenge that i could bear...InsyaAllah.

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