Monday, July 25, 2011

Its Ramadhan again!

Honestly I did not 100 % anticipating it…(my way of being honest that im not that ‘perfect’)…but im totally aware of it.

In a way I feel excited because its that one month where we can get in touch with our spiritualism…by these number of elements :

• Fasting
• Withhold our self with pure patience
• Slowing down in everything we do.
• Chances of redemption even with tiny little effort.
• A sense of being closer to benevolence.
• Train our self in being receptive and non-aggressive.
• Reaching our self beyond our own measure and potential.

Other than that…I do have some selfish reason…that is Losing Weight. (miaahahahaha<-Evil Laugh) Currently im officially 47 kg, it was scary that I gained weight within two days last weekend, my tummy looks bloated but thank god my jeans still fit. And so during this Ramadhan month I am so determined (<-a manifesto that I…might betray…huhu) to lose the last 2 kg and reach my ideal weight of 45 kg….(whatever happens after that remains a mystery haha) So I have made some preparation for this fasting season including :

• Dates 
• Honey (suppose to be an excellent anti-bacteria. Read more at :
• Milk (it does give me Gastric but it probably only need a little adjustment with my digestive system)
• I have arreared all my last year ‘missing’ fasting days.(all 8…Alhamdullilah)

And lastly…Gastric medicines.
This month I tried to complete the last 2 days of my missing fasting day arrears from last year and…surprisingly I was attacked by Gastric pain…it could be one of these..MANY reasons :

• Change from my messy eating habit to my diet plan by eating 4-5 little meals instead of 3 large meals.(sometimes very large…meals)
• I took milk for sahur, old wives tales says it’s the ingredient for further gastric pain when you already diagnosed having gastric sickness.
• …ruining my own diet plan by taking dinner two nights in a row….(I can’t help it! It was steamed prawn and boiled prawn the next day..served with chilli garlic!)
• Taking too much carbohydrate (rice and flour) in my diet.(We went to Pizza for dinner last Wednesday and my work colleague cooked us a marvelous Tomato Rice last Friday)
• Not chewing enough my food…usually I simply devour all my meals….(Read more at :

See…its all my own fault T_T…and so I decided to see the doctor although I refuse in the beginning as I hated to take magnesium…it taste like you scrap it out from a limestone rock and mix it with water.

But I in the end I falter at my own stubbornness, I met the doctor and he gave me the delicious chalk juice along with pills that suppose to balance the acid in my stomach…sounds promising ^_^

So im ready!
Although the previous years I always anticipated Ramadhan because of the Bazaar every afternoon. This is the time where you could find the rare Leche Flan or the Crème Caramel…but…for that 2 Kg….i must forbid myself!

Well folks, I hope we all achieve our Nawaitu for the Ramadhan this year and hopefully we will have joyful and proud Eid ul-Fitr ^_^

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