Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goal=Lose weight

After some time thinking….analyzing…
I have made up my mind.

I will stop at 45Kg.

I wouldn’t look so bad at 45Kg although im not so sure if my blouses would fit on the shoulder and arms section.
I still have bulgy tummy…hopefully only seasonal hehe
But I guess 45Kg is also consisting of strong muscles and bones that support my stamina so it doesn’t seem so bad.

Before this I was thinking 43Kg, I plan to watch how far I can go but…that doesn’t sound so practical as I have a habit of eating in larger amount since born…my mum could testify on that…happily.

For a record I started these diet plans since the last week of June and it has been 2 weeks, im officially 47Kg (as per scale after morning shower and before any meal).

Next month will be the fasting season, im planning to lose that 2Kg and rest assured at 45Kg and strictly MUST not gain more than that.

Exercise plan must continue but the diet plan must change to healthier and more organic foods…milk and probably start practicing one clove of garlic per day…maybe ^_^

Im not trying to be beautiful or slimmer…im just trying to be myself and gaining weight is not myself.
I always think of myself as tenacious and active person, I’d like to go under floors and tables to take picture and I’d like to have a race with my children someday.

Mobility is my long term goal.
Fit in my blouses is my short term goal ^_^

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