Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pasukan Cuti Sekolah Part 1-Anak buah yang dilantik menjadi Nanny Ayman Tara

Wuah, dalam dua minggu lagi baki cuti sekolah, barulah ada masa untuk tulis cerita pasal ni hehe...

So bermulanya cuti sekolah hari itu, kami suami isteri menghadapi masalah besar.
Iaitu...siapa mo jaga Ayman Tara.
Sekolah kan cuti, jadi jagaan harian pun turut bercuti.
Pihak tadika ada mencadangkan untuk jagaan harian tetapi lokasi Penjaga tersebut terletak di kawasan Tebobon.

Well...bagi aku, KK terbahagi kepada dua bahagian yang JAM nya sangat teruk.
Satu ; kawasan Penampang.
Dua ; Kawasan Tebobon.

Dua tempat ini lah yang aku cuba untuk elakkan.

So, pilihan tersebut terpaksa ditolak.
Oleh kerna itu, option seterusnya ialah, menjemput kaum keluarga untuk turut membantu.

Jadi...kena importlah anak buah En. Suami dari Tawau.

So, selama durang tinggal bersama aku, antara aktiviti mandatori ialah : Entertainment.

Yah, ini harus, demi menjamin emosi mereka untuk kekal stabil dan tidak bosan duduk dirumah aku yang di atas puncak serta serba sunyi.

Family relatives aku yang part ini, tidak jauh bezanya dari family relatives side aku, Mama aku juga penggemar leisure.
Selama beliau tinggal bersama aku, aku cuba memenuhi masa hujung minggu beliau dengan berjalan-jalan (sampai beliau sendiri surrender hehe)

Walaupun suami sibuk, kami make time juga untuk bawa durang ke Taman Perdana, Tg. Aru.
Tengok air menari kata si Ayman Tara.

Jadi, yang serba ungu tu Mak Mentua AKA Datin Seri Paduka Baginda.
Yang tudung pink itu, ialah anak buah En. Suami : Nurul Ashikin.
Kepada beliau la aku serahkan tugas makan minum anak-anak aku.
Pasal Kebersihan...aku ndak mau demand sangat...Macamlah aku pembersih sangat kan...
Jadi, aku masih menyapu, masih Cuci kain, Masih lipat kain, masih jemur kain, masih masak, masih mengemas.

Pokoknya tugas beliau hanyalah
1) Memastikan Ayman Tara Makan
2) Memastikan Ayman Tara Mandi
3) Memastikan Ayman Tara Selamat dan tidak bergaduh sesama sendiri.

Basically itu saja...
Tapi, yang hebatnya...beliau sendiri pandai berfikir, Kadang beliau masak tanpa diminta.
Cuci kain walaupun aku sudah cakap 'Jangan, ndak perlulah'
Lipat kain, mop lantai, jemur kain(termasuk lapik sofa) dan (paling Best!) cuci peti sejuk aku yang....sudah berkarat...muahahahaha!

So basically aku puas hati lah juga, walaupun ada masanya beliau kena sakit malas...
Kita ni Manusia,
Selagi kita tidak pernah menyakitkan hati orang lain....maka
Kita bukan manusia...tapi Malaikat.

Anyway....belum habis cerita pasal gambar di atas pula.
Yang baby-baby girl tu,haaa itu lah 'Mika Chan'
Ini anak adik ipar aku, Mama dia Chinese, tu yang mata penyet tu.

Selama budak ni bersuai kenal dengan kami suami isteri, belum pernah sekali dia suka dengan kami.

Aku suspek it has something to do with my voice volume dan my husbands glaring stare haha.

Tapi as per today....okay dah. Dia sudah pandai cium-cium aku, duduk kuai-kuai sebelah aku makan biskut.
Baby pun Manusia normal juga....kena kenal lama baru boleh kenal hati budi hehe...

Yang gambar ni pula,ada included, adik ipar aku yang berbaju merah, (yang duduk yerr...yang berdiri tu Suami I) dan yang berbaju hitam tu ialah abang Shikin.

Haa...ini isu yang aku ndak paham-paham sampai sekarang.
Apasal dia ikut aar?haha...sebab yang menjaga Ayman Tara tu Shikin....
Tapi...ndak apalah...orang-orang tua cakap 'ko paham-paham la bah'

So all in all a total of 7 weeks @ sebulan setengah. 
Hanya untuk jaga kebajikan anak-anak, aku bagi saguhati wang kepada Shikin sebanyak RM600.

Not bad eh, dia tolong aku jaga anak, aku tolong dia bayar School Fee dan School expenses.
Banyak atau tidak, itu aku ndak pasti.
Cukup atau tidak, rasanya...ndak cukup kali...

Tapi...rasanya memadai lah...
Harap-harap tahun depan beliau sudi datang menjaga anak-anak aku lagi dan kali ini dengan lebih semangat yang padu dan jaya haha....

Kalau sampai tahun depan masih tidur-tidur di sofa sambil anak-anak aku belum mandi tu...nah, memang aku cubit suda tu hahaha!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nestle's Breakfast Hunt 2012

I was so thankful that my work colleagues decided to invited me.

Because i knew these kind of activities will need a lot of teamwork and chemistry between team members.

So if i got invited, i must some kind of resourceful or easy to work with huh...

Well, easy to work with maybe, Resourceful? i doubt that.

I didn't even bring a pen on the event day and we ended up borrowing a pen from the Ambulance staffs.

It was fun! and best of all out of about 270 teams, we won consolation prize!

Most of the teams are students...and guess what hehe, we can still use our brains!
People might say, the older you get, the boring and static you become....but not these ladies hehe.

So here are the prizes that i collected home and most probably i will put myself in for next year's Hunting Events...that is if i still got invited hehe...

Breakfast Hunt now Burger Hunt

If there are things that im fully committed other than being mum and work and all.....is that ;

My Commitment to EAT.

This time its Burger Time!

I've always been a Burger Fan. Ever since i was little, i loved Burgers.
Not KFC burger though...McD burgers so-so.

But what i loved most is Burgers Stall, i love it when you can ask to add extra Chilli Sauce, extra cabbages, its nice.

So, when i look into my Facebook this morning, a friend of mine posted these Grilled Burgers pictures...what's better is that they're all in KK!.

So, im gonna set myself for some Burger Hunt!

These are some Burgers that need to be Explore...muahaaha

D-Grillz |Burger Bakar
Anjung Selera, Tanjung Lipat

Firefly Bar & Grill, KK Times Square

Aizat Recipe Burger Bakar, Kingfisher Likas, Lorong Raja Udang 10, Lot 27

111, Gaya Street

Does these pictures makes you shiver? hehe...

Well, first thing first is to check the Opening Hours and the Halal Certificate.
But i am rather snickery...as long as there are womens with hijab sitting in the restaurants, might as well i sit in too hehe..

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life of PI

So i have watched Life of PI.

I highly recommend it, based on :
    • Storytelling
    • Graphic
    • Sentiments
    • Message contained
    • List of Actors
    • ....just about everything about it

I was informed by my brother it was derived from a non-fictional book and the writer is an Englishman(actually canadian-French). He's guessing that the price of the book must have gone up by now.

I still want to buy it anyway, its been awhile i did not touch any non-fictional book. My brain need some fantasy.

Well...it is kinda sad movie to me, i didn't cry tho' but i feel saddened only that i get the message and stops feeling sorry.

Im a movie junkie yeah so don't mind me go gugu gaga over a movie hehe.

Its about a boy who is so interested in God, and always looking for God. His father does not believe in religions and his mother only gave a vague impression of religion towards him.

He ended up embracing, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam altogether (even Judaism in later life). And at 16 he was involve in a shipwreck when he came to experience an even larger meaning of God-ness.

But what struck me most about this movie is that...this dialogue : 

Writer : so... the orangutan was your mother, the zebra was the sailor, the hyena was the cook, and Richard Parker, the tiger, was ....

Pi Patel " why? you don't believe in the story?"

Writer " well...some of it is rather extraordinary"

Pi Patel " Let me ask you, there are two stories and in each story i was in a shipwreck, lost my family and become an orphan and that's not going to change but Which is the better story, the story with animals or the story without animals?' 

Writer: '......The story with animals.' 

Pi Patel: 'Thank you. And so it goes with God.'

So...the key point is.

Our Life.

We can choose it to be bland, factious and trully realistic.


We can choose life with God and has life full of Miracles, Wonder and Magical.

So....which story do you prefers?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My confrontation with Ganglion Cyst

Yesterday, i have just undergone a minor surgery on my left wrist to remove the cyst.
As per today ;
  • sweeping the floor
  • tying my hair
  • ironing
  • typing
  • taking my medicines
is such a struggle.

The lump started to appear since May 2012.
At the beginning i do not feel any kind of fear, just amaze and curious.

Later i beginning to think that it might caused by somekind of mysterious sickness related to black magic, genie and all.

I went to various doctor and they explained to me that it was Ganglion Cyst, so i went google all over it and discovered that there were 3 ways to remove it OR it can just suddenly dissapear by itself. So my options are :
  • Hit it hard with a thick book (traditional method)
  • Use a syringe to suck the liquid
  • Operation.
So, rather than just waiting infinitely until its missing by itself, i opt for operation. Due to the temporary solution of the syringe and suction and the creepy thought of hitting myself with a thick large book appalls me.

But before i went to the doctors for operation, i decided to fully investigate the nature of that lump. So what i did?...i went to see a traditional islamic healing Ustaz. I know, i know...

So, as soon as i showed it to Ustaz Ikmal, he directly response to me that it was Ganglion Cyst. I feel a mix feeling of relief and ashamed haha...

However, the Ustaz did scan me for any appearance of bad or negative spirit or energy.
When finished he explained that im just rather restless and advised me to recite a calming prayers and zikir.

So instead of went home with somekind of fear, i went home from the Ustaz house with 2 designs of Kain Ela...haha, he was also selling textiles and books.

After discussion with my husband, we went to the hospital which supposedly just for a review before making preparation on surgery.

During the review, the Japanese doctor asked me if im ready to be operated on the same day. (mind you he only took about 15 minutes of medical checking before calling for operation)
That moment my biggest concern is to cut futile time waiting at hospital booth for repeatedly reviews.
So i said "yeah, sure why not!" and looked at my dazed husband whom finally nods in barely agreement.

The doctor lead me to another room and before he leave us by the waiting chair i finally asked him the most important question which is an excruciatingly the most important issue that i should have considered before i even say yes to operation. 

"Doctor.." says I
"After the operation; how soon can i get back to work?" thank God, my husband reminded me of work since, i still have some pending task that very afternoon.
The doctor explained that i would need THREE days of rest. I can only blinked my eyes in a retarded way...because i've been making plans for the week for work and...i guess...without options im gonna be missed at work. Fear of discomfortness from the doctors with my sudden withdrew from the operation after preparation been made, i sit quietly, thinking of ways to explained it to my work colleagues.

When the nurse called me in, they started to make all the preparation and asked me to remove any metal and jewelry. She explained that it can cause complications when they turned on some machines to suck excessive blood during the operation..(my mouth gaped) and she quickly explained that, the condition is extremely rare but just for percaution.

Before i laid on the bed i asked her if the metal in my bra can caused a problem and she laughed, "no...not at all"...i knew i was creative.

Anyway, later when i was lying on the operation table, my heart continues to zikir but my mind wanders to the point that i would be scrolled with the operation bed to another emergency room due to surgery complications...told you i was creative.

After about 30 minutes being sooth over by listening to trivial chats among two nurses and one trainee doctor (amazingly i felt calm listening to a very casual talks just before my wrist being cut open and watching her taking a portions of anesthetic into a 3 inch long needle) the real doctor finally came. He was large and very smooth talking guy. He explained that he will cut open my wrist to remove the cyst yet, there is no quarantee that the culprit shall not come back. He manage to slip in a question if i wanted it removed. I said yes and asked him, why Ganglion Cyst ever happen and he explained that it was because when the tendon is weak ; it tends to absorb more water in order to perform better. I suddenly remembered that just before the lump appear, i wear my watch on the left wrist which originally on my right wrist ; just for a change , for a kick....see i am creative.

So i asked the doctor should i minimize the usage of my left arms and he said no point, we all need to use both hands evertime.

He procedded on pouring three kinds of liquid onto my left arm, first it was bloody color ; my sudden thought is that this is to make it less gruesome during operation since its blood color there shall be no obvious different if bloods spluttering all over my arms.Second liquid is bronze in colour and my arms started to feeling burning and the third is colorless and gave the most burning sensation.

Finally the moment of truth. The injection time.
which i sucked.

He explained that he would inject me with the anesthetic 3 times. The insertion is okay...but the exertion is slow and...vicious.
After the third he asked me if i still got my 'feel' sense while poking my wrist with a needle...of course i could still feel it. 
and...he went right away to inject me...Fourth Time!

After a while i became numb and upon receiving my reply, i suppose he went right away to cut my wrist.

During the operation i did not dare to look into it because i feared that i will lose my only 20% courage (80% has gone south), but later the junior nurse start to comment.

"so that's how it look like inside huh"
the senior nurse reply " yup, thats how it looks like inside"
Then the doctor continues " yeap it is filled with water"
"wow...it looks like marble" she continues...(i was already feeling tempted to look)
"kinda pretty..."she again continues...and i finally look at it!.

I manage to get a glimpse of good ol ganglion cyst.
It looks a lot like marble and not like i imagined, it was not all covered with blood everywhere. 
It just sit there round, gel-like and pink.

(which looks a lot like my Special ABC i had later at lunch..unfinished.)

The doctor struggle to cut it off and asked the nurses to hand him another operating utensils but their slow reaction and the doctors operating skills caused it to burst.

I feel dissapointed, because i thought of taking it home and could use it as pranks during April Fool. (seriously)

But then i thought, i should feel compliant towards everything that happen because there shall be a hidden wisdom in all this.

So the doctor scoops the gel from my tendon and showed it to me.
"this is the contents in your tendon all this while"

it looks a lot like my kids snots.

He proceeded to cut the tendon that has become a bag for the liquids, and showed it to me 
"this is the pouch"

it looks like a molar teeth, but of course because it was all folded, white, a little blood smeared.

Then he started to prepare for stitching it, but before he started he looked up to me and says 
"we're all done, its gone and look! it was only a small cut"
he lifted my arms to see.

It was gaped open,and deep red blooded inside and kinda hollow.
I let go a nervous and painful laugh.
He laughed back.

While he was stiching, the nurses (which now is 3 pax as another one enters the room bringing another patient)exchange their views on how pro the doctor skills in stiching, with one remarked how pretty it is and such a work of a cosmetic surgery doctor. They both congratulate how lucky i am and convince me that there shall be not a scar ('that we shall see i' said in my head). The doctor (maybe kinda thrilled) started to tell a story about a guy he did operation on the other day for second removal. He did it all pretty but the guy scratch it and not just scar, the cut turns out to be 'kiliod' some kind of skin issues i guess.

Occasionally the doctor exchange question with the trainee doctor who stood quietly during the whole operation.

When finished, one of the nurse insist to put a bandage on it and after some paperwork ; i was discharged.

When i came out from the operation room my husband round eyes looked at me and says how nervous he is waiting outside and imagined exactly the same thing as i did earlier on, with a robe on and scrolled on bed for another emergency operation because i might pass out and blood is everywhere....we were both creative.

We went home and the numbness on my hand remains until at about 9pm that night.

And this morning, the pain finally sets in, i passed my bandage to my daughter who insist to wear it and just had a cotton plaster on my cuts. I was given antibiotic for avoiding infection and a paracetamol for pain.

So this is how it looks like....
now im starting to wonder if the Doctor is good at sewing at home too hehe...

This morning...i just feel lucky.
That i didn't lose my arm or hand and...thinking about others who is not so lucky.

Im glad i still have it, and i thank God for his gift.
I learned that we should not take things for granted should be prepared for any adversity but pray for mercy.

For those who did not experienced it, i didn't expect you to care about my condition.
I just hope you would UNDERSTAND, i shall not make a video of myself getting all pucker up and duckface in tribute of granting 3 days MC and uploaded it to youtube just like the Singaporean girl with swollen eyes did; for you to believe that i actually have a condition.

Belum mengena; belum merasa
Hargai kelebihan anda dan jangan mempersenda orang lain yang kurang bernasib baik.

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sayur Pebret

Ini ialah Sayur kegemaran saya.

 Biasanya saya akan campur dengan Sardin Sos Cili...nyaaamm

ianya dikenali sebagai 'sayur campur kampung'
Gabungan :
  • Bunga Kantan
  • Ganda @ Losu
  • Lada putih

Rupa sebenar tanpa make-up

biasanya...Orang Dusun jak cun makan ni hehehe....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

10,000 walks a day

Recently i heard a lecturer at workplace talking about a health activity about the goodness of 10,000 walks a day.

So i went home, make everyone ready and then we went for a walk at the park near my apartments.

That's mom in Red

and my ever-so-excited kids as always.

It says 10,000 steps of walking a day may not increase the amount of Endorphins in our body But, it surely helps in losing weight and maintain health.

Happy Walking!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

only in Sandakan

Setakat ni saya belum nampak lagi kuih ni di KK
Dikenali sebagai UFO

ataupun Touch me not (maybe sebab krim putih dia tu lecak)

Ini adalah hasil tangkapan saya semasa balik Sandakan April lalu

Keropok perisa udang
Dulu harga cuma sepuluh sen, sekarang 20 sen dan kuantiti sudah berkurangan hehe
Aku sempat bergambar dengan keropok ni waktu berumur 8 tahun

Inilah keropok Raja
dari aku kecik lagi produk ni hehe

Ada satu jenis keropok lagi
Perisa udang juga, peket transparent warna putih
Aku ndak jumpa tapi antara semua keropok tu paling best
Sebab masa kecil-kecil, asal beli keropok tu, kami tuang dengan air lada dan kicap..makan lembik-lembik haha
Ala...macam orang putih makan cereal, tapi orang Sabah makan dengan air lada bukan air susu hehe

Ma own macaroni cheese


Pasta Macaroni San Remo sebungkus
Butter Daisy
Bawang Putih
Tomato paste Ayam Brand
Sosej Cheese Wise
Serbuk herba McCormick


Bahan A
Panaskan air sampai mendidih
Masukkan pasta simpan garam sesukup rasa
Tos dan bilas pakai air sejuk (maksudnya air paip la bah tu)

Bahan B
cincang-cincang bawang putih (lagi banyak lagi wangi)
panaskan butter
tumis bawang
masuk kan tomato paste
masukkan sosej
masukkan pasta
letak herba(banyak-banyak...jangan seja sampai habis tu botol kecil yah...mahal baitu)

Hidang time berasap-asap.

Anyway...inilah resipi pasta yang laki dan anak sa berani cakap sedap hehe...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Borneo International Marathon 2012

Again...i'd like to say this...

I am  so proud of me.


Mungkin dari kecil saya memang suka aktiviti lasak, mungkin sebab itulah saya sebagai salah seorang anak bapa saya terpaksa menggantikan tugas satu-satunya abang saya selepas beliau pergi merantau ke Semenanjung.

Maka saya lah yang menjadi sidekick bapa saya dari segi angkat-mengangkat barang berat contohnya tong gas,tandan pisang,kayu papan dan sebagainya.
Begitu juga dengan kerja pertukangan saya jugalah menjadi assistant bapa saya.

Bila saya meningkat ke sekolah rendah...walaupun tubuh badan saya tidak meningkat namun saya masih gemar mengikuti acara sukan...saya tidak begitu sukses ketika itu kerana acara sukan yang popular pada kala itu ialah volleyball. Sebagai seorang yang bertubuh badan kecil saya awal-awal lagi disqualified.

Namun saya tidak berputus asa lalu ketika meningkat ke sekolah menengah saya lagi sekali mengikuti acara sukan. Walaubagaimanapun kerana bertubuh badan kecil kaki saya agak pendek untuk membuat larian pantas dalam acara pecut. Lalu saya memasang strategi baru iaitu : Larian jarak jauh. Saya mengikuti 4x400 meter, 800 meter dan juga 1500 meter. Namun begitu....saya tidak pernah mendapat tempat pertama.

Adakah saya berputus asa kerana gagal meraih kejayaan?


Tidak pernah walau sekali.

Saya sudah cukup teruja dengan kejayaan menamatkan larian ke garisan penamat.
Itu saja.

Saya sangat suka dengan cliche : Run For Your Life.

Running bukan bererti Running from your life. Tetapi Run for your life.

Lari lah untuk Hidupmu.

Bagi saya makna acara larian seperti Borneo International Marathon ataupun aktiviti pendakian gunung sebenarnya ialah...

Perjuangan saya untuk hidup saya.

Sejauh mana saya mampu bertahan.
Sekuat mana saya sanggup berusaha.
Sekeras mana pendirian saya
Sehingga mana saya sanggup menolak diri saya ke depan.
Seteguh mana hati saya
Sedalam mana makna perjuangan hidup saya

Adakah saya akan hanya berjalan bila sampai [pada satu station?
Adakah saya akan menyambung larian saya dengan daya saing dengan orang di depan saya?
Atau adakah saya akan berhenti dan memohon ambulans menghantar saya balik?

Bagi saya...acara-acara seperti ini juga membawa maksud : Breaking the Limits.

Jadi walaupun saya tidak pernah menang, sekadar menamatkan larian.
Tetapi...kepuasan saya ialah pada semangat saya yang mampu saya puncakkan sehingga dapat mencapai garisan penamat pada masa yang saya sudah tentukan.

Kali ini....
walaupun ini ialah julung-julung kalinya saya mengikuti Borneo International Marathon.
Saya telah menetapkan diri saya untuk menamatkan larian dalam masa 1 1/2 daripada 2 jam yang diberi.

Walaupun saya langsung tiada training, samada berjoging ataupun senaman ringan.
Datang trus lari...tapi saya dapat menepati janji diri saya sendiri untuk sampai pada jam 7:43 Am

Oleh itu saya...cukup bangga akan diri saya kerana mencapai target. ^_^

Dan demikian, saya sudah menetapkan list keperluan dan tindakan, untuk menyertai semula acara BIM pada tahun 2013

Saya tidak memaksa diri saya untuk menang tapi jika boleh...saya mahu menamatkan larian...30 minit lebih awal berbanding tahun ini. ^_^

Borneo International Marathon...see you next year ^_^

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vampire sana sini...

Vampire dalam action movie


Vampire dalam Romance movie 


Vampire dalam Classic Movie

Interview with the Vampire

Vampire dalam Horror movie

Drakula halala (1923)

Vampire in Children Movie

i rest my case.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Kali ni trip ke Sandakan membawa cerita yang berbeza.
Aku pulang on solitary journey and anak-anak dititipkan kepada En.Suami

Sejak hari Sabtu mama aku dimasukkan ke hospital kerana disahkan menghidap Glaucoma.
Lepas 2 kali Laser surgery mama aku dibenarkan keluar wad.
So bila sampai mama aku sudah pun berehat di rumah.

Cerita terbaru pasal Sandakan ialah...
Air paip yang serba kemerah-merahan macam air karat yang melanda seluruh Sandakan.
Termasuk hospital...so kesian la bapa aku dan adik aku...buat father and son bonding ulang alik sambil menjinjing air minum dari mesin water dispenser yang jauh jugalah dari rumah bapa aku.
Kami kaum wanita tau minum jerrr hehe...

Selain itu bapa aku membeli telefon baru...dengan sia-sia sebab menyangka telefon dia tidak berbunyi kerana rosak...rupa-rupanya ada kabel telefon yang rosak...bukannya masalah telefon hehe...

The next day aku di Sandakan, aku dan adik bawa mama ke hospital Sandakan untuk review tekanan darah dan kolestrol...
Aku rasa unbelievable tengok keadaan Hospital (baru) Sandakan. Tempatnya sempit...tiada sistem dan tidak sensitif terhadap pesakit.
Kami sampai jam 9 dan mama kena panggil pada jam 12:15.
Sepanjang masa kami disana hampir 65%, waktu aku dan adik berdiri.
Kerusi tidak cukup.
Sistem tidak teratur.
Ruang kecil.
Pesakit sangat banyak terutama warga tua.
Berikut ialah gambar yang diambil dari angle kiri,kanan dan depan...ndak masuk angle belakang tu...

Aku sense mereka tidak ada sistem peka terhadap warga tua di mana mereka memberikan nombor yang sama antara orang biasa dan warga tua.
Semasa aku di JPN KK aku notice, bila ada warga tua, mereka akan bagi nombor eksklusif di mana warga tua tidak perlu mengikut nombor urutan seperti orang lain....peti cadangan juga tidak diisi borang cadangan, tiada pen dan juga suasana hospital ada sejenis bau hanyir.

Untuk pengetahuan populasi di Sandakan terdiri daripada...of course orang tempatan dan PTI.
Tempatan termasuklah orang etnik dan cina.
PTI...of course Suluk dan especially di Sandakan ianya lebih didominasi oleh orang Bugis.

Lepas kami dari klinik kami turun ke pusat bandar untuk berjalan-jalan.
Perancangan aku ialah mencari seluar dan kalau ada yang berkenan aku mau juga belikan anak-anak baju.

Satu persatu kedai aku masuk...harga pakaiannya sangat mengejutkan.
Lebih kurang RM7 lebih mahal untuk hampir setiap jenis pakaian.
Lebih teruk ialah kualitinya adalah rendah.
Hampir setiap kedai mempunyai kualit yang sama jad untuk mencari pakaian berjenama dan even pun kalau kita sanggup bayar mahal untuk kualiti...sayangnya...tidak ada kedai yang menjual pakaian berjenama dan berkualiti tinggi.

So pada trip kali ini aku telah membuat perbandingan jelas antara Kota Kinabalu dan Sandakan.

Asalnya aku orang Sandakan, lahir dan membesar di Sandakan.
Pada umur 25 tahun iaitu selepas berkahwin, aku berhijrah ke Kota Kinabalu kerana mengikut En.Suami.Satu keputusan yang besar dan drastik juga berat kerana terpaksa membiasakan diri dengan keadaan yang baru.

Selepas dapat perkerjaan di Kota Kinabalu aku mulai membiak hehe...sekaligus membenamkan dalam-dalam akar ku di Kota Kinabalu dengan membeli seunit apartment.
Rasanya...untuk pindah balik ke Sandakan mungkin bukan ,menjadi pilihan istimewa atau darurat sekalipun.

Di KK tempat makannya sangat variety. Harga barang juga tidak jauh berbeza dengan daerah-daerah Sabah yang lainnya.
Tetapi istimewanya KK, semua barang berjenama juga mampu dimiliki oleh golongan berpendapatan rendah bila tiba datang musim SALE.

Tempat peranginan dan leisure juga mudah dilawati dan sangat pelbagai, begitu juga dengan butik-butik eksklusif yang senang dikunjungi berbanding Sandakan.

Masa aku kecil, tidak pernah terlintas difikiran aku bahawa Sandakan sangatlah kecil dan kurang menyeronokkan.
Bagi aku bila dapat turun pusat bandar itu sudah cukup exciting sebab banyak kedai dan ramai orang.

Realitinya Sandakan ialah sebuah bandar kecil yang bangunannya masih terdiri daripada jenis lama iaitu yang paling ketara design tingkapnya yang jeriji beralun dan kacanya bersegi empat dan berbingkai besi.
Sandakan juga dinicknamekan sebagai 'Little Hong Kong' disebabkan majoriti bangunannya seperti bangunan-bangunan lama Hong Kong.

Bandarnya sendiri banyak dibangunkan oleh kaum cina  dalam tahun 1870an...sebab itulah di Sandakan ramai orang kayanya terdiri daripada bangsa cina dan sangat kurang usahawan berbangsa etnik berbanding Kota Kinbalu.

Kelebihan Sandakan ialah jenis makanannya yang sedap terutama Bakso, Coto Makasar dan juga cakoy.
Perbezaan antara KK dan Sandakan juga melibatkan dari segi makanan. Di KK kita memanggil Soto Ayam bermakna mi halus,sup dan isi ayam. Di SDK ianya di panggil Sup Ayam saja.
Di KK juga jarang terdapat Coto Makasar tapi di Sandakan ada hampir 3 gerai dalam satu barisan.

Walaupun KK adalah bandar besar dan sepatutnya kos hidup lebih tinggi tapi...aku rasa...tanggapan ini sangat meleset.

Sandakan merupakan bandar kecil, industri yang rendah selain daripada perikanan (harga ikan mampu mencecah RM3 sekilo berbanding KK yang pada harga normal RM7 sekilo dan cuma turun sehingga RM5 jika kena pada musim dan pelancongan namun kos hidupnya SANGAT tidak berpatutan.
Tambang 7 batu dari pusat bandar ialah RM2 sehala. Jika dibandingkan dengan KK, jumlah perjalanan dari Indah Permai ke pusat bandar lebih kurang mencecah 7 batu namun, kosnya hanya RM1 menggunakan City Bus yang fully berpenghawa dingin.

Jadi ianya ialah bandar kecil namun kos tinggi, kurang variasi produk dan juga banyak dominasi bangsa dari Indonesia. Berbanding KK ialah bandar besar namun kos hidup sederhana, variasi pelbagai dan dominasi bangsa dari Filipina.

So...kesimpulan aku ialah...aku sangat bersyukur berhijrah ke KK kerana, tambang masih murah, makanan sedap dan bersih, persekitaran juga bersih, pelbagai fesyen,produk dan barangan yang mudah didapati, banyak aktiviti riadah mudah dilakukan kerana fasiliti yang pelbagai.

Paling penting ialah KK mempunyai persaingan sengit antara pengusaha dan itu meyebabkan penurunan harga yang menguntungkan konsumer...macam aku rasa butik-butik di 1Borneo mengadakan Sale hampir 3 bulan sekali...begitu juga butik seperti Ariani dan Padini yang mudah dikunjungi.

Pasar besar KK juga menjual barangan dengan harga berpatutan berserta kualiti, contohnya seperti udang kering yang walaupun di import dari Sandakan harganya cuma berbeza dalam RM2 lebih mahal sedikit.

Oleh itu...aku membuat kesimpulan bahawa, aku telah membuat keputusan bijak untuk berhijrah ke KK, ini kerana orang biasanya berkata, tidak apa tinggal bandar kecil kerana boleh berjimat...tapi bagi kes Sandakan...apa yang mahu dijimatkan jika tambangnya cukup mahal dan barang keperluan seperti pakaian  dijual dengan harga mahal dan kurang kualiti...jimat apanya?...

So...aku rasa...ahli politik Sandakan sepatutnye lebih aktif menjaga kebajikan rakyat...bukan kebajikan peribadi sahaja haha...

Anyway...semasa aku menulis ini..bau Soto Ayam dari gerai Sudi Mampir menyucuk hidung tepat mewarning bahawa waktu ini amat sesuai untuk menghirup sup panas sambil menikmati langit Sandakan dan aura Sandakan yang sangat dekat pada zaman childhood aku....^_^

Akan dibuka Mei 2012
Ini dalam Pasar Besar Sandakan...aku tertanya-tanya...ini parking untuk apa yah..hehe

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Siapa Kencing Dilantai.

Aku baru balik kerja.
Tank memang full dari office...

Masuk tandas.

'hmm...busuk...bau kencing.'
Tengok lantai...

Ada orang kencing dilantai.

Suspek Pertama : Ayman Jermain
Suspek Kedua : Shatara Casandra

Aku kluar dari tandas.


Si lelaki dan si perempuan duduk bersebelahan rapat (menumpang tengok movie seram dari laptop adikku)

Aku : "Ayman Tara."

Si lelaki dan si perempuan mendongak.

Aku : ' Siapa kencing dilantai?~'

Ayman : Tara!
Tara : Ayman!

Aku : -_-

Senyum lagi.

Dengan nada lembut " Ayman kencing di tandas?"

'Tidak...ayman...ayman kencing di...di...di..."

Aku : Di lubang tandas?

Ayman : Iya!.


Dengan nada lembut : "Tara~...Tara kencing dilantai?"

Tara cepat-cepat menggeleng siap dengan rambut depannya terbang-terbang ke kiri ke kanan.

Ayman berbisik ke telinga Tara...yang mampu didengar semua orang.

"cakap ya..cakap ya"

Tara masih menggeleng.

Aku dengan nada lebih lembut : Tara kencing di lantai?...

Biji mata Tara mulai bergerak-gerak tanda hampir mengaku.

Ayman serta merta capai kepala Tara kemudian angguk-anggukkan kepala Tara.


Cubaan terakhir aku dengan nada ayu "Tara kencing dilantai?...mamy ndak marah juga~"

Tara senyum lebar.