Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breakfast Hunt now Burger Hunt

If there are things that im fully committed other than being mum and work and all.....is that ;

My Commitment to EAT.

This time its Burger Time!

I've always been a Burger Fan. Ever since i was little, i loved Burgers.
Not KFC burger though...McD burgers so-so.

But what i loved most is Burgers Stall, i love it when you can ask to add extra Chilli Sauce, extra cabbages, its nice.

So, when i look into my Facebook this morning, a friend of mine posted these Grilled Burgers pictures...what's better is that they're all in KK!.

So, im gonna set myself for some Burger Hunt!

These are some Burgers that need to be Explore...muahaaha

D-Grillz |Burger Bakar
Anjung Selera, Tanjung Lipat

Firefly Bar & Grill, KK Times Square

Aizat Recipe Burger Bakar, Kingfisher Likas, Lorong Raja Udang 10, Lot 27

111, Gaya Street

Does these pictures makes you shiver? hehe...

Well, first thing first is to check the Opening Hours and the Halal Certificate.
But i am rather snickery...as long as there are womens with hijab sitting in the restaurants, might as well i sit in too hehe..

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