Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nestle's Breakfast Hunt 2012

I was so thankful that my work colleagues decided to invited me.

Because i knew these kind of activities will need a lot of teamwork and chemistry between team members.

So if i got invited, i must some kind of resourceful or easy to work with huh...

Well, easy to work with maybe, Resourceful? i doubt that.

I didn't even bring a pen on the event day and we ended up borrowing a pen from the Ambulance staffs.

It was fun! and best of all out of about 270 teams, we won consolation prize!

Most of the teams are students...and guess what hehe, we can still use our brains!
People might say, the older you get, the boring and static you become....but not these ladies hehe.

So here are the prizes that i collected home and most probably i will put myself in for next year's Hunting Events...that is if i still got invited hehe...

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