Monday, July 25, 2011

Its Ramadhan again!

Honestly I did not 100 % anticipating it…(my way of being honest that im not that ‘perfect’)…but im totally aware of it.

In a way I feel excited because its that one month where we can get in touch with our spiritualism…by these number of elements :

• Fasting
• Withhold our self with pure patience
• Slowing down in everything we do.
• Chances of redemption even with tiny little effort.
• A sense of being closer to benevolence.
• Train our self in being receptive and non-aggressive.
• Reaching our self beyond our own measure and potential.

Other than that…I do have some selfish reason…that is Losing Weight. (miaahahahaha<-Evil Laugh) Currently im officially 47 kg, it was scary that I gained weight within two days last weekend, my tummy looks bloated but thank god my jeans still fit. And so during this Ramadhan month I am so determined (<-a manifesto that I…might betray…huhu) to lose the last 2 kg and reach my ideal weight of 45 kg….(whatever happens after that remains a mystery haha) So I have made some preparation for this fasting season including :

• Dates 
• Honey (suppose to be an excellent anti-bacteria. Read more at :
• Milk (it does give me Gastric but it probably only need a little adjustment with my digestive system)
• I have arreared all my last year ‘missing’ fasting days.(all 8…Alhamdullilah)

And lastly…Gastric medicines.
This month I tried to complete the last 2 days of my missing fasting day arrears from last year and…surprisingly I was attacked by Gastric pain…it could be one of these..MANY reasons :

• Change from my messy eating habit to my diet plan by eating 4-5 little meals instead of 3 large meals.(sometimes very large…meals)
• I took milk for sahur, old wives tales says it’s the ingredient for further gastric pain when you already diagnosed having gastric sickness.
• …ruining my own diet plan by taking dinner two nights in a row….(I can’t help it! It was steamed prawn and boiled prawn the next day..served with chilli garlic!)
• Taking too much carbohydrate (rice and flour) in my diet.(We went to Pizza for dinner last Wednesday and my work colleague cooked us a marvelous Tomato Rice last Friday)
• Not chewing enough my food…usually I simply devour all my meals….(Read more at :

See…its all my own fault T_T…and so I decided to see the doctor although I refuse in the beginning as I hated to take magnesium…it taste like you scrap it out from a limestone rock and mix it with water.

But I in the end I falter at my own stubbornness, I met the doctor and he gave me the delicious chalk juice along with pills that suppose to balance the acid in my stomach…sounds promising ^_^

So im ready!
Although the previous years I always anticipated Ramadhan because of the Bazaar every afternoon. This is the time where you could find the rare Leche Flan or the Crème Caramel…but…for that 2 Kg….i must forbid myself!

Well folks, I hope we all achieve our Nawaitu for the Ramadhan this year and hopefully we will have joyful and proud Eid ul-Fitr ^_^

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

were you thinking what im thinking....

Its 10:30Am at work and im......


and a cup of coffee plus biscuit would be...Marvelous.

Goal=Lose weight

After some time thinking….analyzing…
I have made up my mind.

I will stop at 45Kg.

I wouldn’t look so bad at 45Kg although im not so sure if my blouses would fit on the shoulder and arms section.
I still have bulgy tummy…hopefully only seasonal hehe
But I guess 45Kg is also consisting of strong muscles and bones that support my stamina so it doesn’t seem so bad.

Before this I was thinking 43Kg, I plan to watch how far I can go but…that doesn’t sound so practical as I have a habit of eating in larger amount since born…my mum could testify on that…happily.

For a record I started these diet plans since the last week of June and it has been 2 weeks, im officially 47Kg (as per scale after morning shower and before any meal).

Next month will be the fasting season, im planning to lose that 2Kg and rest assured at 45Kg and strictly MUST not gain more than that.

Exercise plan must continue but the diet plan must change to healthier and more organic foods…milk and probably start practicing one clove of garlic per day…maybe ^_^

Im not trying to be beautiful or slimmer…im just trying to be myself and gaining weight is not myself.
I always think of myself as tenacious and active person, I’d like to go under floors and tables to take picture and I’d like to have a race with my children someday.

Mobility is my long term goal.
Fit in my blouses is my short term goal ^_^