Monday, February 15, 2010

so-called 3 days in a row Public Holiday

i am very much indeed in a holiday mood. Although i planed to work and leisure at the same time it has only been a 'plan' indeed.
Took my kids to my work place and hope that i could finish my marketing work by the coming Wednesday, yet not even a single work has been done. I spent the first day cleaning my house, do laundry and packing for our so-called 2 nights getaway. The rest of the afternoon went by pretty hasty when i rumble into a supermarket looking into a valentine's day present for my husband. I manage to get a brown colored wallet with a 70% discount...not bad, he got me a new scarf not exactly my favorite but at least he meant well, (i hoped that he would'nt mind a 'brown' wallet too)
My kids ran havoc since their arrival up till the second night and i am so bushed. I repeatedly feel sorry for myself for not having a real restful holidays but what the heck, i should've known that i have signed for this the moment the pregnancy tester kit shows positive.
My concern are the guest next to our room would'nt mind...(which i honestly think not exactly a smart thought)My daughter cried about 3 times on the first night but only one room next to us is vacant and she did'nt really do her best 'high-pitch' voice. But, the second night, both room next to us are occupied and she cried 3 times also and this time at 12 midnight and yeap her voice level reach 4 on a scale 1 to 5. I Am Overwhelmed for the last 2 nights...and i don't know whose to blame.On the second night i felt quite bad and while rocking my baby daughter on my chest i kept saying "what have i ever done to you" son look up to me and i hope it's emphaty that im looking in his eyes...he slowly drowse back to sleep and i slowly stop feeling that bad.
The third time my daughter cried is at almost 5AM, i doubt that both room next to us did had a good night sleep and i falterly comfort myself that none of the guest at the same level with our room lodge a complaint towards my baby cries...wish me peace....
Early the next morning,i woke my husband, dress my children and took them for a walk as they can be fancily energetic in the morning.We had a our breakfast at my favourite restaurant and my kids poop in their pants and we had to hurried back to clean them so we had to cancel our plan to stroll down the waterfront.
But before we went back we had a sit and chat with my husband about our valentine gifts while our kids were watching the half-functioning water fountain and i thought that is the most rewarding 30 minutes since the last 48 hours of my life :)
Today is the 16th the last day of the 3 days holiday...i planed to go home,sleep and eat and sleep some more..LOL!as if that gonna happen.
So i guess we might go out today and find a new pair of shoes for my daughter, since her current shoes just got a hole on her big toes as a result of our hiking all the way to the plaza and waterfront yesterday's evening. (as apart of my plan to make them so tired and simply fell into bed without hassle...that did'nt really work out right...Haha!)
Well i guess, i could start by giving my kids a shower..that is as soon as one of them awake from their morning nap...and its only 1030AM...i ...just....could'nt love my life any better!
LIFE;They just don't always happen at our own desired timing and circumstances BUT, i can still choose and create, so if my son's still sleeping,i will then enjoy the 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' movie!...for the second time in the row as yesterday's morning....see i could'nt love my life any better!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

that's me on the swing

i like working, i seriously do! especially when you get a pat on the back that says you've done a good job!Altough the pay does not increase (and don't make me start on that one)yet it does honestly give you some sort of satisfation.
looking back at my work for the last 2 weeks i did well,there is no pending issues and i manage to come up with reason that failed to create feedback from the opposite direction, i always like that.
Makes me love my life, despite that sickening conflict between me and my husband and yet it has been water under the bridge anyhow...and darn i hate fighting nowadays...drains up my energy and scratch my reputation.
I guess life is simple when you are stupid or ignorant and life is fair when you are kind and life's sucks if you are least that's what i thought, i can go on and on how unfair life has treated me and the fact never change.
I remain helpless,aggresive,hopeful,idle and negative. I plan and i actually learn how to be the contrary that is resourceful,tactful,oppurtunistic,industrious and positive.(Motivation always sounds good especially when you are not being productive hehe!)
Well i had my fun of pat in the back and i guess it's time to tumble into resposbilities again with a dash of confidence that i could nail it over and over again just like previously and will end up where i plan to be that is at the top of myself as i know that the best and worthwhile race or battle is between you and your ownself. Competing time, achievement,error and praises. The worst enemy is your ownself and the bestfriend you could ever have. Your saviour and your Hero...yes that is you. yourself.
So, im gonna roll my dice, place my card and ready for another game of life ; arguments with my husband, humiliation at work,discontention with friends and practical jokes with my kids, a job well done, appreciated by my peers.
Trully this is the life i always wanted. I thank GOD for i always get what i wanted and nailed those challenges Big time :). Always think as a winner as our attitude reflect our habit of thoughts and so our thoughts reflect our character.
I love God,love my wonderful kids,love my friends,i don't love my husband today...just not today but tomorrow i will :).

Monday, February 8, 2010

February weekends

had a great weekend, 4 of us went to 'car wash' and very much hang out at the waiting area for the rest of our time there. My daughter had some taste of the dirt when she fell face down onto the ground and my son had an experience of hanging on a tree. I had my fun and i bet my kids did too. Earlier i watched 'Twilight-New Moon' and im sorry but it is sucks. Bella got phobia on getting old and Edward fell bad about Bella being sad on that reality and decided to went away...BOO!.the whole thing happen because Bella got scared of growing old hairs and some wrinkles,and the stupid vampire encourage her emotion and on the way they both created confusion and miscellaneous error...pointless and worst in the end..of course they get back together again,Duh!..was my bad,how did i end up traped in a teenage movie dilema.
Yea,that car wash trip surely worth it and we had nice dinner of cucumber and 'sambal belacan'...nice!
Next week i was hoping to make a getaway to the beach or maybe to the waterfall!Gotta stay ahead and finish my work so that no clutters hanging over my head and i could bring my heart with me :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quotes; the summation of thoughts

~Significance ; Here i come!

~Nobody's Perfect!

~Commitment is such a scary thing...but when you have it, you won't turn back on anything

~we act ourselves into feeling not feeling ourselves into action

~in life, there's no real security-only oppurtunity

~I believe in Kindness!God is Good!I love God!

~I deserve my Happiness,i Paid for it...when i quit my job...never mind,i will continue being smart anyway.

~yg baik itu dari Allah,yg buruk itu dari saya sendiri

~how to get along with people : tell them what they want to a rockstar you a goody person you bless them...LOL!...which i always fail to commit.

~self esteem = is the degree of how much you love your ownself...regardless of your own ugliness and charm :)

~ppl who cannot avoid minor dissapoinments...may looks fragile yet these ppl are the ones that can avoid major dissapointments = ppl who can avoid minor dissapointments may ended up in major be short be willing to hurt a little here and there or you may be hurt deeper and in longer run.

~time is precious and best spent with your loved ones

~marital manifesto 2010 : dear husband, i would'nt care wherever you bring me for vacation this year as long as you bring your heart with you...(oh and the remember to throw the rubbish everytime we leave the house please...)

~its not about how happy you are, its about doing the right thing; that is being Happy!

~you only given ONE life,whatchoo gonna do with it?

~I'm not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round. -Muhammad Ali- ~

~di mulakan dgn bismillah di sudahi dgn alhamdullilah bgt la sehari dlm hidup kita mudah2an di rahmati Allah-Raihan-

~Ingat lima perkara, sebelum lima perkara ,Sihat sebelum sakit,Muda sebelum tua, kaya sebelum miskin ,Lapang sebelum sempit ,Hidup sebelum mati-Raihan-

~nothing is too late for anything good

~slandering has a rebounce effect ; if you dont want people to slander you behind your back, try to talk about other ppl as little as you can behind their the words of the wise ; if you have nothing nice to say ; shut up.

~believe it or not ; being selfless is a great motivator to have a fulfilled life.(stops us from being vain of our own self/thinking for the benefit of others blocks us from seeing all our own disatisfaction)...hard...but true...LOL!gud luck trying :)

~clutters = gone be gone

~If people are stupid,its not your fault;so don't feel bad

~i found that reflection is the best part of motivation ; each time others commit a mistake, ask yourself 'what about me?am i like that?'you'll soon to realize your own level of decency...and you no longer feel bad towards them let alone about your ownself.

~work with your heart,passion and talent at its best and you'll never live in vain.As human,when we are insecure of how good we are we will precedes into our excellence and still not knowing about how well we've done...And that is the essence of 'The Flow' ; The neurobiology of Excellence.

~sharing ; flamboyant as it may is Love.

~Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” ~ Oscar Wilde

~As parents, our children is like a mirror ; they reflect on how we treat others...literally.

~ever wonder when you do your 'business' in the toilet your tears flows through your eyes? is actually triggered by our subconscious mind wherby it commit an action and sense of release similiar to a an emotional trauma through sadness and grievance.We cry to let go of negative emotion and therefore when our body release 'toxic's from our body our body system automatically release 'fake' tears as a results of absolution...(im juz being funny,read that somewhere in a book or sumthing)

~Whatever u give a woman, she will make it greater. Give her sperm, she will give u a baby. Give her a house, she will give u a home. Give her groceries, she will give u a meal. Give her a smile n she will give u her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if u give her crap, be ready to receive a o.........f shit...

~Positive Thinking ; Too large for worry,too noble for anger,too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble

~the world does not revolve around you ; You revolve around the world. So spare the world your vanity.

~perhaps some reason why people are unhappy is because they don't know WHAT makes them happy

~and when it comes to decision-making,she became the knights of the shining armour and he's the damsel in distress.

~for some ppl marriage is the 'leap of their life' ; the biggest risk they ever take and for some ppl marriage is just one of the various path in life they gotta taste...and there my friends you could see the obvious diffrence between man and woman towards their selection of decision

~to learn to forgive others; one must learn 'what' is love and compassion first.Forgiveness is the highest degree of Love and compassion...

~when life gives you a lemon...make lemonades out of it...(and please don't just squirt it to others eyes...)...boy i love that quote!

~Im blind + you're deaf = Happiness in Marriage

~i don't worry about my circumstances...i create them <-- Law of Attraction simplified. -Anonymous-

~Excellent Customer Service is how well you grant your own Self -Esteem....its that easy!When you feel good others feel good too!

~"What other people think of you is none of your business"...<- now that's Positive Thinking and purely high Self-Esteem.

~your job does not cost you your no speeding while driving...regardless if its monday or flooded or you already late...:)

~people who always complaint things,slander others and frequently agitated although how well they justified themselves is in truth and deeply having a bigger attitude problem within their own selves.

~im not rich(i probably never will) not poor(has never been my goal) just HAPPY!

~in every adversity, it is actually a BLESSING in disguise

~"don't blame me, the road ahead is so straight till i don't realize im not making any progress"...hence my friends be thankful if you have a twisted road ahead, for you never know,each turning point might be your next BIG thing! many twist and turns?! imagine how much BIG things you could get!!!

~“Anyone can become angry - that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way - this is not easy.”-Aristotle-

~problem gives you insights and perspective,therefore be thankful if you get loads of 'em as you will get abundance of insights and perspectives.

~procrastination and complaining has the same function...they make your life even worst

~gotta be thankful regardless of any circumstances in your life even if it seems to be a disadvantages, because if we try to avoid it in any way especially in a demeaning manner, it will always catches up with us again and worst in an even more demeaning event. What happened to you is for a reason. Try to dodge will only caused more complications.

~stick and stones may hurt my bones(but not words...not words)

~during negative thinking infestation...even your logic side of brain will cheat on you.

~you can 'buy' happiness,you actually pay for it..but it only applies to one particular currency called : Time

~Happiness is not just feeling, but also a sentiment ; applied into one's mind will enhance emotion though not necessarily material but nevertheless promote joyfulness in one's heart and soul and that will produce a smile on one's face regardless how poor or disappointed a person can be.

~with the right Mind, the right Tool and the right TIME...anything is possible!

~ its the energy that you radiates that will dramatized your surrounding

~don't get confuse between happiness and sorrow, if he can offer you happiness don't consider him as apart of your sorrow, if they give you sorrow don't expect them to offer you happiness

~heart is the core...

~jangan kau takut kerana susah...jangan kau menangis kerana perit...jangan kau tewas ketika diduga...:)

~a person who can have Extreme Anger is also the person who can have Powerful Resilience..Joan of Arc, Braveheart may say that's a myth and legends, but try to google into Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez. They have endured long and painful court trials,life imprisonment until of course they were killed or punished...and for some their resilience last.

~anger is like standing on one feet, if you do not have good control of will fall

~in a relationship : Women fell in love with their ears. Men fell in love with their eyes

~man...the hardest part of motherhood is when your kids regard feeding time as 'torture' i probably need a nanny specialized in Feeding...hmm..that's a thought :)