Wednesday, February 10, 2010

that's me on the swing

i like working, i seriously do! especially when you get a pat on the back that says you've done a good job!Altough the pay does not increase (and don't make me start on that one)yet it does honestly give you some sort of satisfation.
looking back at my work for the last 2 weeks i did well,there is no pending issues and i manage to come up with reason that failed to create feedback from the opposite direction, i always like that.
Makes me love my life, despite that sickening conflict between me and my husband and yet it has been water under the bridge anyhow...and darn i hate fighting nowadays...drains up my energy and scratch my reputation.
I guess life is simple when you are stupid or ignorant and life is fair when you are kind and life's sucks if you are least that's what i thought, i can go on and on how unfair life has treated me and the fact never change.
I remain helpless,aggresive,hopeful,idle and negative. I plan and i actually learn how to be the contrary that is resourceful,tactful,oppurtunistic,industrious and positive.(Motivation always sounds good especially when you are not being productive hehe!)
Well i had my fun of pat in the back and i guess it's time to tumble into resposbilities again with a dash of confidence that i could nail it over and over again just like previously and will end up where i plan to be that is at the top of myself as i know that the best and worthwhile race or battle is between you and your ownself. Competing time, achievement,error and praises. The worst enemy is your ownself and the bestfriend you could ever have. Your saviour and your Hero...yes that is you. yourself.
So, im gonna roll my dice, place my card and ready for another game of life ; arguments with my husband, humiliation at work,discontention with friends and practical jokes with my kids, a job well done, appreciated by my peers.
Trully this is the life i always wanted. I thank GOD for i always get what i wanted and nailed those challenges Big time :). Always think as a winner as our attitude reflect our habit of thoughts and so our thoughts reflect our character.
I love God,love my wonderful kids,love my friends,i don't love my husband today...just not today but tomorrow i will :).

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