Monday, February 15, 2010

so-called 3 days in a row Public Holiday

i am very much indeed in a holiday mood. Although i planed to work and leisure at the same time it has only been a 'plan' indeed.
Took my kids to my work place and hope that i could finish my marketing work by the coming Wednesday, yet not even a single work has been done. I spent the first day cleaning my house, do laundry and packing for our so-called 2 nights getaway. The rest of the afternoon went by pretty hasty when i rumble into a supermarket looking into a valentine's day present for my husband. I manage to get a brown colored wallet with a 70% discount...not bad, he got me a new scarf not exactly my favorite but at least he meant well, (i hoped that he would'nt mind a 'brown' wallet too)
My kids ran havoc since their arrival up till the second night and i am so bushed. I repeatedly feel sorry for myself for not having a real restful holidays but what the heck, i should've known that i have signed for this the moment the pregnancy tester kit shows positive.
My concern are the guest next to our room would'nt mind...(which i honestly think not exactly a smart thought)My daughter cried about 3 times on the first night but only one room next to us is vacant and she did'nt really do her best 'high-pitch' voice. But, the second night, both room next to us are occupied and she cried 3 times also and this time at 12 midnight and yeap her voice level reach 4 on a scale 1 to 5. I Am Overwhelmed for the last 2 nights...and i don't know whose to blame.On the second night i felt quite bad and while rocking my baby daughter on my chest i kept saying "what have i ever done to you" son look up to me and i hope it's emphaty that im looking in his eyes...he slowly drowse back to sleep and i slowly stop feeling that bad.
The third time my daughter cried is at almost 5AM, i doubt that both room next to us did had a good night sleep and i falterly comfort myself that none of the guest at the same level with our room lodge a complaint towards my baby cries...wish me peace....
Early the next morning,i woke my husband, dress my children and took them for a walk as they can be fancily energetic in the morning.We had a our breakfast at my favourite restaurant and my kids poop in their pants and we had to hurried back to clean them so we had to cancel our plan to stroll down the waterfront.
But before we went back we had a sit and chat with my husband about our valentine gifts while our kids were watching the half-functioning water fountain and i thought that is the most rewarding 30 minutes since the last 48 hours of my life :)
Today is the 16th the last day of the 3 days holiday...i planed to go home,sleep and eat and sleep some more..LOL!as if that gonna happen.
So i guess we might go out today and find a new pair of shoes for my daughter, since her current shoes just got a hole on her big toes as a result of our hiking all the way to the plaza and waterfront yesterday's evening. (as apart of my plan to make them so tired and simply fell into bed without hassle...that did'nt really work out right...Haha!)
Well i guess, i could start by giving my kids a shower..that is as soon as one of them awake from their morning nap...and its only 1030AM...i ...just....could'nt love my life any better!
LIFE;They just don't always happen at our own desired timing and circumstances BUT, i can still choose and create, so if my son's still sleeping,i will then enjoy the 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' movie!...for the second time in the row as yesterday's morning....see i could'nt love my life any better!

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