Monday, February 8, 2010

February weekends

had a great weekend, 4 of us went to 'car wash' and very much hang out at the waiting area for the rest of our time there. My daughter had some taste of the dirt when she fell face down onto the ground and my son had an experience of hanging on a tree. I had my fun and i bet my kids did too. Earlier i watched 'Twilight-New Moon' and im sorry but it is sucks. Bella got phobia on getting old and Edward fell bad about Bella being sad on that reality and decided to went away...BOO!.the whole thing happen because Bella got scared of growing old hairs and some wrinkles,and the stupid vampire encourage her emotion and on the way they both created confusion and miscellaneous error...pointless and worst in the end..of course they get back together again,Duh!..was my bad,how did i end up traped in a teenage movie dilema.
Yea,that car wash trip surely worth it and we had nice dinner of cucumber and 'sambal belacan'...nice!
Next week i was hoping to make a getaway to the beach or maybe to the waterfall!Gotta stay ahead and finish my work so that no clutters hanging over my head and i could bring my heart with me :)

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