Thursday, June 30, 2011

the Plan....

i found this in the internet!

Tidak bersarapan = Metabolisma tubuh terjejas = Tubuh badan lesu = Metabolisma jatuh = NAIK BERAT BADAN.  

Literally...if our body don't 'function' that much A.K.A exercise it will makes us fatter....whoa scary bit!

I also just found out that Pineapples helps in losing weight?!...the only problem is to get a sweet: less sour fruit is a real challenge.

Also, it took 6 weeks until our diet really paid off and only ONE day to earn it back...(T_T)

So i guess the Diet plan shall go like this :

0730 - [Breakfast] 1 piece of Non-fried Kueh(black beans buns / Kek Batik / 3-4 piece of biscuits / 2 piece of crackes) with water

1030 - [Brunch] Second set of above Or only Oatmeal Drinks (Nestum with creamer)

1300 - [Lunch] Eat rice and 1 dish - (1/2  or 1/4 of what we use to take - simpler = a 24 - 36 months old infant size)

1630 - [Snack] 2 Biscuit or crackers...No Chips!...may also eat organic food such as sunflower seeds.

1830 - [Dinner] 2 slice of fruits (honeydew, papaya or sweet mango)

Strictly NO other meal after that...But....may eat various kind of nuts....seriously ^_^
The trick is to keep your metabolism running and of course please apply the above tally with an exercise schedule.

Suggested Exercise schedule below :

Monday : Push up 5 minutes, Sit up 5 minutes, Skipping 5 minutes

Wednesday :Push up 5 minutes, Sit up 5 minutes, Skipping 5 minutes

Friday:  Push up 5 minutes, Sit up 5 minutes, Skipping 5 minutes

Saturday : Zumba 1 hour plus jogging 30 minutes

The rest of the day in the week continue housework chores as usual...DO NOT HIRE A MAID OR ASK HELP....(muaahhahahaha)

Some tips :

  • Expect result in 1 month and a half...(T_T)
  • Don't overdo ...EVERYTHING (from the diet plan to the exercise plan)
  • Buy skipping rope, a proper trainer shoes
  • Do body exercise (sit ups and push ups) without any technical support....please don't use the pillow to support the back.
  • DON"T GIVE UP....
  • Avoid fall back into relapse of Plate of pizza for lunch, brunch with 2 piece of karipap or Roti Jala with curry,Dinner with McDonalds medium value meal(sometimes large)....or relapse of 4 hours nap in Saturday and Sunday afternoon and taking the elevator to 1st floor at work(although stairs is next to it and height between ground floor and 1st floor is less than 15 metres...) we go and may our guts stick with us with lesser fat attach to it ^_^
All the BEST!

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  1. Oh please don't forget your veggies too!
    Tomatoes, Carrot, Spinach and all your other 'green' friends ^_^