Friday, June 10, 2011

Circle of Influence

Currently im reading Stephen’s Covey – The 7 habits of highly effective people although not continuously I thinks it is much better as it allow time for absorption into my mind.

At the moment im in the second habits and this part really useful, it taught us t focus only in our circle of influence which means(in my simple humble language) if you can’t do anything about it then its none of your business.

Well, there is 2 circles, the other one is Circle of Concern. These circle is pretty much what we had in our mind basically the things that we thought about.

Circle of Concern is about surrounding circumstances, about how people act around us, global warming, political or social issues…these are the things that we cannot change. But we are ‘concern’ about it… and so the result is we only focus on these things and has affected our mental and emotional and caused us easily brought away by peoples reaction and comment and also about the world…the outside of us.

Circle of Influence is about your own character, habit and the way you think. Its those things that you able to change. Such us on how you are able to extract the positive from others negative behavior by changing or improving the way you think about them. Its about the inside of you.

These are some good stuff I tell you as I come up with a quote from analyzing these circles, here it is :

Seeing the good in others is seeking the goodness in you.
Seeing the ugliness in others, Empowering the ugliness in you.

Therefore ; doesn’t matter how people act…its none of our business. What matters is ; how we think. How we feel. Is it positive energy we are processing? Or is it negative, and
You reap what you sow, once you are creating positive thoughts it turns into aura and so you will get positive rewards too.

This explained in the popular saying “Happy Go Lucky”
When people sense positive vibrant in you they will urge to reply positive reaction to you…why? Its because most people are reactive…and only proactive people able to enhance positive energy in every situation.

But again, nobody’s perfect…even positive people have their downs such as…PMS haha!

Well anyway, I strongly suggest you get this book, his theory is practical and logical and not simply some ‘band-aid’,’quick-fix’ self help book.


  1. I dont have this...gonna get one soon...

  2. get get get!highly recommended ^_^