Tuesday, August 23, 2011

some people choosed sacrifice...

This story is derived from the Japanese animation movie : Tokyo Godfathers.
Its about a bum, a transvestite and a runway teenage girl whose trying to return a baby they found in the dumpster back to her mother.
It was....touching as they all come together in the end and it changed their life forever.

There once a Red Devil who wants to make friends with people. But since he was a devil no one would want to go near him. So his friend the Blue Devil made a plan. He’d wreak havoc among the people and the Red Devil would save them.

Red Devil(gasping)       : “When you try to achieve something, someone’s bound to get hurt!”
Blue Devil(smiling)        : “You always have to sacrifice something”

The plan worked.
But the Blue Devil had to go away so that they’d never know it was a trick.
It was a sad story….

-From the movie Tokyo Godfathers(2003)-

i just thought about it after i scolded at my younger sister via FB due to her fashion interest and shopping that may cause my father's 'already-none' fortune.

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