Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hari Raya Eid Ul Fitri

i spent the whole day at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2 on the 1st of September.The previous 2 days covered by eating, shopping...yeah i still shop...i dunno too...
My husbands younger brother involved in a car accident, few stitches on the forehead,broken arm but yeah thank god he's alive.

fall asleep on a bench and complaining about the flies...there were lots of them....creepy.
Just a few days later when he was discharged from the hospital, we were passing some of the ward rooms and there were a strong smell of....blood...creepy some more!

Well this year's raya may not be as much as the raya before or maybe insyaAllah the raya after. My husband while multitasking dealing with his brother's car insurance already making plans for next year that we will be out-station and not in KK.

Me...on the other side were missing my living room....yeah since the last day of Ramadhan my heart is where the home is ^_^.

I added some flowers, a matching cushion cover and a matching table mat and refrigerator mat...oh and a matching floor mat for the bathroom and toilet too...^_^

After 4 years owning an apartment this is the first time i hearted of having a home hehe...

Well Syawal is a month long, i must say the celebration is not quite over yet and so the next agenda is really to make sure that i could pull off a menu for our raya open house this coming about to...cook.

And so i kept reviewing the recipe and shopping list...hey its just some party where you invite people to eat right!...what so anxious about it?i mean come on!hahaha...(well....hmm...the fact that im a 'newbie' in cooking really killing me dang...)

But just wish me well....there's always KFC by the way...

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