Thursday, September 29, 2011

the night of the seventh moon

This has been my most favorite romance novel.
Which is rare as i hated to read Barbara Cartland novels and her kinds.

I stumbled into this novel back in my guiding years...i was assign for the turtle island program and was dyingly bored as i don't feel like swimming that day since none of my colleague agree to accompany me. I can't sleep either. I guess the company that i worked for has the same way of thinking as they provide a mini library at the chalet with old books selection to save the tourist (and the guides) from attack of boredom (the corals in the island were dead and at times the water level makes it imposible to have a dip in the sea, the weather gets gloomy at times instead of sunny as we arrived around 3pm and getting into sunset).

The books selection rather was those paperbacks and the pages all yellowish and coarse. I can't remember the kinds of stories but it was so boring i decided to choose something out of the ordinary : Romance Novel.

The front page looks promising...of an interesting story ; instead of a couple wrapping each other in their arms. She only stood there while the castle and the moon stood still behind her back. Im getting ; an independent lady message out of it in which will be far more related to me.(at that time)

As i started reading it..i found it interesting: the style of writing is visionary which is very inclined to me. As i read further on the description of pine and fir trees, Christmas and legends and trolls...i got carried away in my mind and fell in love at once.
She was 18 when rescued by the almost-night-of-the-shinning armour and she had the time of her life doing extremely out of the ordinary. Getting into an exciting conversation with one of the best communicator in the world. Eating the best meal of her life and later...almost being seduced by him but thankfully rescued by the man's house maid. I like this dialog most :

Hildegarde : No. I'll not have it. Your women...if you must, but not a young innocent girl from Damenstift (all girls convent)

Siegfried (not his real name) : You're worried about the old nuns.

Hildegarde : No. about innocence.

But Helena (the girl in the book cover) has made a wished that night; for them to meet again. Later she returned to the convent and finish her education and resume her barren life. After that...well i forgot haha...and that is why im reading it for the second time.

Im not sure...but it struck me odd...that this book may be appeared into my life just before i met my husband. But i remember this from the book about Helena description to the so called Siegfried : Tempestuous, irresistible, overwhelming, yes. Tender, self-sacrificing - no.
That person sounds familiar. i read on (skipping a few or...a lot of pages)she was dumped for awhile although accidentally and became a victim of an ugly plot. The guy turns out to be a prince...yeap a prince but they all caught in a power struggle among the royal cousins and relatives. She was almost killed, reunited with her son and finally made their marriage public....Its a happy ending ^_^.

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