Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Non-acomplishment + Relaxing = Boredom.(Zero on achievement)

These few days i realized that i have spent a great deal amount of time at the office almost doing things that unrelated to work.

I suppose that is a great!..although not that relaxing (relax : means you could sleep, watch Ray Williams Johnson youtube and eating chips the entire day) but still i could google and later check my blog and later read on photography...i guess my mind and body is still getting used to my new job in government services. Although it has been 6 months but i still feel awkward of not doing something that actually produce result.
Im not saying i have not made any achievement since the last 6 months, i do, its just not everyday.

My previous work requires me to check about the total number of customer we had in a day and calculate the total revenue. Everyday i would compare the numbers and seriously at times i find hard to go to sleep..it was scary and creepy at the same time since its not my business anyway...yeah i was THAT stupid. Anyway i guess that is why its called JOB..not LIFE. hehehe...

Well, as for the last 6 month i kinda feel a strong sense of concrete feeling about must making an achievement, im not so sure if it comes natural to me as part of my character or simply my conscious mind that is only doing what it suppose to do  : be aware of my doings. 
And yeah i feel i really ought to do something about it because im afraid...although it is a 'no-stress' situation of not finishing an easy task in a day, or complete a more complicated stuff within a week or at least leave the office knowing that you will have a new and adventurous or tricky task the next morning of course its not stressful at all since im all excited to punch out my card with imagination about what happen on my daily 6pm soap chinese drama at home (that as a matter of  fact). Even the drama cause me more stress than my work!haha...
Yet somehow my subconscious mind also yearning a kind of new adventure in my life. Not just the previous tricky numbers or difficult work colleague but also because this 'laid-back' life also has its own danger and it is : Boredom.
 Picture the internet

What can be worst than that?i might say...well...no it wasn't that bad. -_-
but Truth is ; People died of Boredom! seriously!...or in mild cases ; housewives would find any little detail to argue with their husband and children just to feel the warm feeling inside in other word : being alive!. You feel the heat inside of you, your mind is working, your vocabulary suddenly improves and yeah your body has its energy!.

Therefore dear friends...do your best to keep boredom Away...it does you more harm than good.
That is exactly what im doing, re-charting my life to get more from this life. I have to do it! Why? well..most of my time spent in the office you see. If i am well absorb with the 'office'...i will lose my color. 

That is the fact. 

And so i have decided ; every weekend i must do family outing (or at least me and my kids) we could be going the distance or it could be by the local parks just enjoying ice cream but ; Must i do.
By planning and do research on the next destination my mind would be filled with the merry feeling just to get away from my 8-5 job. 

Im not saying that government service is completely boring. In fact (and honestly) its truly a blessing. I could not ask for more. But, everyone has different character ; i happen to be those sort of travelbug. Thats who i am although my husband might not like it and simply play along but it is really some unique character in some people..such as some people became so absorb in Empire & Allies games and miss their work duty ^_^.

I am thankful for what God has gifted me and forever i will be. I just need to live with it and as much as i am thankful with my job it really is a privilige so that i pursue further into my hobbies of going places....Isn't God Benevolent ^_^

So i have these new strategies that i give myself a dateline to complete my work task, if im done i will read articles on photography techniques and set dateline on when i have successfully practiced the skills.
Now ; i also have a schedule of weekend gateway (with date of accomplishment). 
I guess im not just bored....i also hunger for a sort of accomplishment. Its fun doing really, makes your life well-lived and worthwhile and...if i die today at least i could smile ; full instead of empty. ^_^

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  1. "You feel the heat inside of you, your mind is working, your vocabulary suddenly improves and yeah your body has its energy!"

    ...its called Adrenaline