Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candy in Tin Box.

My daughter is a big fan of jelly beans but in our household we call it 'Taik Bunny' (bunny shit) a tribute to one scene in the movie 'Hop' where the Easter Bunny is so special it could release jelly beans as its droppings. 
So the other day i went to 1Borneo with my brother for lunch, i spotted candy booth not far from the main entrance and decided to buy some jelly beans for my daughter. To my surprise it cost RM3.50 for a 100gram!. I was a bit furious and decided to find the common place where we usually bought it which only cost RM1.80 per 100gram, i found it but decided not to buy it just to feed my own justification.

So later in the day the thought did not disappear from my mind and suddenly i remembered the candy i loved when i was a child, it was those round fruity candy in a tin box covered in icing sugar, i wondered if they still sell it and so i decided to hunt for it. So i drag my kids to the supermarket and i found it! ^_^ and buy in three flavors.

 This one is for the candy-addict girl. She finished it in less than 20 minutes...

 This one is for my son, he have some chips at the same time and so the candy sits in the fridge at the moment although only a few remains as the candy-addict girl ate 3/4 of its content.

And mom also got herself  a can and sit in her desk at work ^_^!

Its really nice...these are the kind of food we use to get when we were kids and still there when my kids growing up, although i suspect they have change the picture many times. I remembered we only have the picture of different kinds of fruits on the front with white background...i remember when i eat these...i savor each piece with all my heart and hold the can tightly in my grip everywhere i go...i also remember how i lick the icing sugar from the candy and dip it in the icing over and over again...because the icing has a cool effect i cherish it as something almost then after i finish i kept the tins and use it as my toys....^_^...those were the days.

So i wanted my kids to have a taste of this candy as it gives me the feeling...that they tasted my childhood too. ^_^

p/s you can get these in Giant Supermarket, im not sure how much i cost but i think RM1.70 per tin.

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