Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creative Cooking

This week no plans of going out.
I don't feel like it, i guess its because of my kids hyperactive reaction to the outside world ; last friday we went to KFC at 1Borneo and my kids were running wild instead of eating their dinner, so i decided not to go anywhere this weekend.

Lately im not in the mood for food, i didn't know what to eat, im not so pleased of what i ate ( i ate lasagna the other day) and at home i have no idea what to cook.
When we went to KFC, i felt so bored with the chicken, burger even fries.
So sitting at home i just don't know what to eat, im bored with the taste of chicken and fish.

Usually if these condition happen i would normally go out and get my favorite food such as laksa or bakso or char kuey teow but not this week.

So...i have to be creative otherwise i will fatten myself with chips,chocolate and other junk food.

After awhile i come up with these

Its Maggi curry with raw eggs,tomato diced and chilli paste in the middle with vinegar and sweet soy bean sauce.
First i boiled the noodles with dice tomatoes after its cooked(limp and soft) prepare the curry powder in the bowl and mix together.
Second i broke a fresh egg and last i put the chilli,vinegar and sauce.

Not bad....

Later that night i was blank head again as i really not in the mood to eat rice at all and im not eating instant noodles again.

So i look inside the fridge and found some potatoes......^_^

I decided to made Onion Caramel with Fried Potato...I call it.
First i chooped the potatoes and deep fried it.
Second i made caramelization of the onion.
It will have the sweet fried taste of the onion. 
After the onion is soft i added some salt, MSG and pepper powder.
Mix the onion and fried potatoes in a bowl and WALLA!
Its nice ^_^...but...its oily(everything is fried)

Ready to eat!

I thought i was going to be full and ready for bed by 8:30pm(since its potato its carb right, suppose it makes you full just like eating rice..)but at about 9:30pm i was already hungry.

Eventually my husband bring me Nasi Tapau when he came home at 10:30. So i ate...and leave no remains. 

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