Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pleasing Status.

I thought of not having to blog about this person but i guess..that is why i wanted a blog to express my philosophy, belief and sentiments.

So...i posted some quotes and updates in regard of love, relationship and joy in my Facebook. I mean i believe that if you don't have anything nice to say then shut up. The whole world don't need to know if you're fed up, bored or depress. Everyone has their own song and they do not need to be bother by our own woes, some people might care, But ourselves has our own responsibilities to secure others feelings and not trying to pull others to the same down situation which we currently in. Im still working on it. At times i just have a lot to share with my friends and colleague including repeatedly complaining about the air-conditioned in the office that is too cold.
But in a Facebook world i appreciate when people share about good things or at least some minor complaints that we all face in our daily life instead of posting about cursing, swearing the world and message about hoping someone else to die.
After posting about some good things happen in my life (which i strongly believe i deserve it because i made plans, i  stood over my jurisdiction and i play my role) suddenly i noticed this person posting became irritated, sarcastic even downright rude.

Anyway i told my husband about it and asked his opinion whether or not i should delete this person from my friend list. He said it was my decision or else just ignore them because they are actually hurting their own self.

So i guess my husband was right...i just hope i could tell all my Facebook friends out there ; if there were my posting that hurting your feelings...please choose the 'Hide' button so you no longer see my post or else you can always delete me from your friend list....i wish there is an easy way without hurting any particular person but no there isn't and so i could not post so since anything is well publicized in the Facebook world...well we can't please everybody and i really like this quote :

picture : The internet

So im not a lonely person and no...i don't want to please you all the time ^_^

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