Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things you did for your kids.

Yesterday when im about to send my son to the nursery he lets me know that he doesn't want to meet his teacher that day..meaning he doesn't want to go to the nursery and rather went out for leisure.
So i have to create a sentence so that i could make him feel positive before i have to went away for work. So i said 'Mommy promised we WILL go out tomorrow' and he accept that.

At work i started to think of an idea where we should go as its the public holiday of Deepavali.
Without haste i decided we shall go to the Lok Kawi zoo (again...) but this time i promised them that they will ride the elephant as we missed that part last February.

We arrived at 10:35(i actually look at my watch and set time record as i planed to spend the WHOLE day at the zoo) As we went in, we quickly went to the Animal Show. It was crowded due to the public holiday.It lasted for about an hour and there were more shows compare to the afternoon session we watch last time.
The show was interesting especially the part when they took out the Python from underneath the viewers seat. Also the 'police and thief' show with the parrot. The parrot actually trained to roll back and play dead whenever the ranger show a pistol sign with his hand.It was great because you can see how the parrot does it in...slow motion hahaha!
starting off

seriously watching the show

crowd that day

share reading map....

Mowgli in action

The Human contestant against the Ape

legs and its many uses

First Human winner in the Zoo

Police and Thief game

roll out and dead

Tara touching snake...

but first she did hypnotize the snake...while ayman become her assistant

So after the show we find a hut and had our lunch...i actually made some fried rice from home...(i am determined that we must last a day at the zoo)
After lunch at about 1pm we started to look around and in total my husband took about...400 pictures...(as im writing now, i also deleting some old photos due to low disk space...)

The elephant ride starts at 2pm and i usher everyone to the riding section. My husband were talking to my kids and indirectly tells me that i will ride with the kids and i calmly refuse and ask him to replace me.
Yeah actually i don't fancy it that much...more like afraid of doing it...its just a sudden feeling i had when we were approaching the section. I told my husband i don't feel like it and he quickly reject and insist i did it...i don't know why...maybe he has the same feeling like i did?...i mean he doesn't like cat and jumps every time our pet bunny ran at him. (that was before we had our first child)
So...i....just had to do it.

I was nervous the whole time until we saw the elephant came into the section. When its our turn to ride the elephant i was repeating Bismillah countless time...Just as we started ; the elephant become disoriented and failed to take instruction it just linger around at one place sniffing of what happens to be its droppings...i was already reciting God and praying nothing bad to happen but my imagination already runs wild...I HAVE MY KIDS WITH ME!....but thank god we had a good driver and he manage to advise the elephant to stay calm and continue on. I did not enjoy the whole ride at all. I just hope it all ends quick..i just had these graphic imagination of elephant amok...(that's the negative effect from exposing yourself to graphic image...)...but....My kids enjoy every bit of it...^_^
Elephant Ride.


the boy that got his request fulfilled (walking tiredly)

Things you did for your kids.
Endure your Fear.

After the elephant ride i had these relieve feelings and able to smile honestly with my teeth out. We went for a Tram ride and as expected we finish at 3:30pm.

Tram Ride

heading home

We drive around to Penampang area, stop over at the fruit and veggies market and drive home. The kids were already sleeping inside the car and my husband carry them home.
At 5pm the whole house were sleeping.

After an hour nap i woke up to watch the final series of my favorite Chinese soap drama.

It really is a day...Well Spent ^_^

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