Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Songs

This month song compilation shall be called 'Happy'

Am i overall happy this month? well its only the 12th so i can't say just yet.
But as per Einstein formula : Darkness is in reality the absence of light.
And so Happy is in reality the absence of sadness...haha just a thought!

Anyway...i kinda feel lightheaded this month, not for any particular reason i guess its just all in good timing arranged by God ^_^ Alhamdullilah.

So i made my songs compilation for me while driving to work ^_^...and surprisingly a lot of it involve Michael Buble!.

Can you believe it?! Michael Buble actually sings happy song and not just those swing and smooth jazz with those classic silver microphones.

These are some of my list on Michael Buble
  1. Some Kind Of Wonderful
  2. Haven't Met You Yet
  3. Everything
  4. Hollywood
And of course the famous 'Feeling Good' ^_^

My other 'happy' songs also included 'Papa Americano'...yeah the shuffle song...yeah i dunno too...haha!

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