Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to avoid sleepiness

This is the third day i become the minute taker for our sections presentation.
No matter how interesting the topic is...or in my case intriguing...yet my eye balls seems to dislocated and has a bad case of gravity.

So i started to wonder what may be the cause for sleepiness, is it just bored?
or our mind not in an interactive action or...simply lack of sleep.

After the third day i think...its all about the combination.
The most effective way to stay awake is to keep moving any organs of your body especially joints and repeatedly make small stretching.

Maybe we feel sleepy due to slouching, or the same sitting position for quite some time.
So that is what i did today with my feet, waist and shoulder...yeah you can imagine im dancing on my chair ^_^
all picture credit : internet

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