Saturday, October 22, 2011

My House.

Recently a friend of mine asked me about my experience on how i bought my apartment. 
Its about the procedure between purchasing the house and withdrawal money from the account number 2 in KWSP to pay the excess fee and to cover for the deposit due to failing to get 100% loan from the bank.

Its technical...
and i started to reminiscing my memories...

It only took me two months to finish the whole process. That was when my son was 7 months old in my womb and we got the key to enter the house at about 8 days before my son was born.
Actually i've already talk my son into it...(yeah believe it or not, you can actually communicate with your baby even they're still in womb...)
I told him to help us ease the process and get through the whole process successfully before he is born.

With a large stomach i went through the purchasing process, withdraw money at KWSP, sign contract of agreement with the lawyer etc etc...but during all those time. I never once view the apartment. 
Only my husband went for the 'show house' process. I only get few imagination from my husband's report.
Until we get the key on the 8th of May, i visited the house once at almost night so i did not have any certain feeling yet. I remember it was dusty and spacious with white walls and a large glass sliding window.

I started to have a dream to buy my own house since i was 24 years old. I tried to do so when i was still in Sandakan but failed to get enough deposit.
When i knew i was pregnant (after moving in with my mother in law at Kota Kinabalu) i become more determined.
It was February when we went to Shangri La Rasa Ria with my husband ( i won a free stay of 2 days 1 night in the hotel) on the way back from the hotel to our rented room we pass the housing area (soon to be where we live) and we drive around and walk around the place. 
There were 2 phases. The green section which is smaller and cheaper and the Orange one which is more spacious and more expensive.
At that time i set my dreams a very realistic person. 
Those days i was only paid RM800 for my basic salary.(@_@)...RM800.

So we went to the city to have our lunch and we went to the Kota Kinabalu central market where its facing the sea.

We were standing there quietly and watch the sea. There seems to be lot of things to watch that day as my mind was wandering and actually more like wishing.
I had these visions that i will buy a house. 
By hook or by crook.
I visualize i have my own place to stay. I did not vividly imagine how everything looks like, of the kitchen, toilet and all. I just have this concrete feeling that i will have a house.

Starting from that moment i proceed on the whole procedure.
I asked for the General Manager (where i worked)courtesy to alter my pay slip from RM800 to RM1800.(....@_@....) to become qualify as buyer.

I remember wearing my white sleeveless pregnant dress that is already way to tight while signing the LPO(letter of purchase order)with the middle person from the developer i think her name is Aslin.
Also that time i wore that blue pregnant mini dress in that law firm where i have seen the most file stack up from one another.

It took me only 3 months.... miraculously from that day in the market watching the sea. 
And it was in the Orange section.

When we moved in we did not have much.
We only brought one mattress, few pillows, few blanket and a gas cooker.
We use the blanket hang it here and there as a curtain....

It was so paucity!haha

We sleep on the floor and use ONE small sitting fan for the 4 of us. (me, husband, my newborn baby and my mom in law)
When we talk it echoes! hahaha....emphasizing on the emptiness of the apartment.

Those were the days....

But today...Its been 4 years and 5 months...the same age of my son.
There has been some improvement.

It does not echo anymore.
It has curtain.

A Family.

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