Monday, October 24, 2011


I like this quote shared by my sister in Facebook.

Its true...
Haters has stronger impact in our life.
Hate is a more powerful emotion rather than love.

I guess people who have a lot of hate also has too much going on in their life too. In other words...their life seems interesting. (Note i said 'seems')
While lovers has a simpler and peaceful life.

I know someone who is not ashamed expressing her hate towards a higher ranking work colleague. 
Yes, indeed she have a lot of going on in her life.

I think we should pity haters ; nstead of returning back elements of unpleasantness towards them.

They did not enjoy the pure love by someone...if they were a hater since like 10-15 years ago that's even more pathetic although that explain that they're also 10-15 times more miserable than others and tend to make others miserable.

Its easier pulling others down to the same position as us rather than climb up to the same position of others.

Its sad.
But that's her problem...not mine.  ^_^

Have a great day haters!
That frown belongs to you today ^_^
That long face is yours to succumb.
Not mine.

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