Friday, October 28, 2011

Praying for the Oppressor.

Recently i posted about my belief in Karma : What you give ; you get back...kind of thing titled Let It Be
That we shall not repay any pain others inflicted onto us rather let God do his work.

Then i get reply from my fellow blogger ibumadeeha ; that its better we pray of goodness towards our oppressor regardless how nasty they are because its what being advised by Nabi SAW.

At the beginning i thought...its not that easy to practice this action especially when you are might seem like hypocrisy.

But as i drive home i thought about it and...Alhamdullilah i was blessed by good people around me...
She was right....

My blog says 'Let It Be'
that letting it be.
Im letting my oppressor rule my life! Because i agree and submit to the fact that they are doing nasty thing onto me...only i am hoping that there shall be a reckoning day in the end. But nevertheless im letting them doing so.

But if i pray goodness for the oppressor, not just im NOT letting them to govern over my emotion but i also took the proactive steps to make myself feel better.
Praying for them is not all about 'praying for them' but it is also about sowing a seed of goodness and positiveness into our own soul.
Praying for them means we are nurturing our own self towards a happier emotion.
Praying for them is actually making us feel worthy about our own self.
Praying for them is actually praying for our own well being.
Praying for them is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is Closure.

Once there is a closure then there shall be no  necessity to linger over the matter. ^_^

Whether they will soon got their payback; that is not up to our personal concern and shall not be our biggest interest.
Our job is to make our self  feels pleasant about life and the world.
Rather than anticipating the others get their vindication.

Thank you ibumadeeha ^_^
such wisdom....

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