Monday, October 17, 2011

Toddler Leash

Last night we saw it in the news a video about a 2 years old toddler being ran twice by two cars and being ignore by 18 passerby. EIGHTEEN!
That was bad enough...but what is how the hell a little girl of two years old wandering around the road in a semi-busy market?

First question : Where are her parents?
Second question : Why did she end up in the market? 2 years old suppose to be at home, with their mom's care or at least at the nursery or daycare...not shopping in the market.
Third Question : Why did anyone let her walk free?

We were at my mom in law house, when we watch the news everyone gasp and sit frozen. When the video reach the moment where the mother crying out loud like she was a mad woman coming out of the asylum, i was so angry and spoke out loud. Startling my father in law.

To me; its the mothers fault. Its that stupid mother's fault. Maybe she's trying to make money to support her family. But you can actually built your own baby court in a cheaper cost rather than buying the expensive one....Please don't tell me she could not afford that. All you need is woods and much can it cost???...(A Life?)
Or maybe she went out shopping? i will not say more...because if she went shopping and forget about her baby...well then i guess God must have been really angry at her or..the opposite.

But even so, even she went out shopping and may ignore her child there is still a diplomatic way in which she can continue shopping while at the same time looking after her daughter.
She could get one of these..hell she could sew one for her daughter!
Its called Toddler Leash or Toddler Safety Harness.

This is useful for market, supermarket and even restaurants (especially if you have kids like mine whom potentially disperse once they arrived on location)
Actually i almost bought these for my son, as at one time he 'disperse' at KK Plaza while im busy choosing blouse and my husband carrying my daughter assumed that my son is with me in the changing room.

I almost cried and imagine a lot of things until im weak to my knees and almost faint while running around the Plaza.
My husband calling out to his inner instinct manage to find my son were tapping his face on the glass door while humming at one of the Plaza entrance.
I wanted to slap him, but hug him instead. My husband is naturally dark in complexion but that day he lose some of his color.
So i went online and found these 

See how practical this is?^_^
So i posted in my FB as an awareness for parents if they love shopping as much as i do i guess it won't hurt to get one of these.
But i get a few nasty reply saying that we are treating our kids like dogs.

These will not turn your kids into Dogs.

Its a product, not a magic wand.

Regardless of what people say it is only perspective and it will not hurt until somebody punch you in the face.
These are only prespectives and hell we get thousand of them in a minute.
And prespective comes from our way of thinking.
If we are positive then we would see this as a precaution to every bad things that God forbid might happen.
If one are negative then yeah you would see a dog with a dress or with trousers walking with his or her mutant mom.
So yeah whatever.
And what i like about these product is that its also a backpack, so you can keep their cookies, milk, diaper and also toys!
So parents...we cannot ensure that our kids could stay safe. We as parents also has other commitments such as work. And at times God may have tested us.

But at the same time we are responsible for their well being and so...we must got to extra length to provide them comfort...even beyond common perspective.

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