Monday, October 24, 2011



I have the back of my eye's mind i saw my kids walking around at Mountain Lodge, Kundasang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Planet Earth. <--still in hazy mode.

Mountain Lodge...i gotta say is an important place.
To be honest...its where Ayman and Tara's parents met.

Its a beautiful place that always covered in mist and it has a small garden at the back and a small hut near the staff house where i use to sit and sing along listening to my walkman while waiting for my laundry to finish in the staff washing machine.

When i was a guide we normally bring tourist to stay at this lodge for a 3 days and 2 nights. Interestingly i never once being bored coming to this place.
Its just had a mystical feeling when you see the flowers especially the bamboo orchid that sometimes stood still while the mist slowly passing over it like a spirit.

 not in Mountain Lodge but in Kinabalu park,Kundasang. See the mist in the background.
thick mist almost like a cloud...very imaginary
almost like this
Bamboo Orchid

I have a lot of great memories in this place too.
And a lot of positive feelings.

This is almost like the view from inside the Mountain Lode rooms but this one taken from Puncak Borneo Resort...seriously the balcony door is made of can see the mist pass through anytime of the day without going out ^_^...just sitting by the bed from night to morning and watch the mist....uuuu...

So this one night when i was getting ready for bed, usually i would call up to my imaginative mind to help me out creating a stage platform for me to imagine -> visualize -> until it absorb and become my dream. Usually it didn't last long no matter how much i wanted it. When i am totally asleep that stage platform will be gone.
Its like you know like in the Matrix movie, they can create any setup of location...a telephone booth, a martial arts room, a name it.

But on this particular night as i close my eyes i saw my son and daughter in their jacket walking down the cement road at Mountain Lodge.
It was strange but very uplifting indeed ^_^.

So these visions continues here and there, then and now. Like earlier at the meeting room i saw it least in my mind's eye. But... this time, it overlaps with another childhood memories.

Am i crazy?stressed out and need a get away?or am i simply...visionary?i think that applies to the Mountain Lodge image but my childhood?....Am i going back time like the Michael J Fox  movie Back to the Future?haha

 Picture may look like it was taken in the 70's but younger than that haha...i guess our technology is outdated by 10 years during those time.

Im not so sure what it meant yet...but its really pleasing watching my kids walking around that little garden with table in the middle and just enjoying the mist out there...

Is it my inner nature calling out for an adventure or a get away?...hmm i guess hehe.

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