Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marvelon Pills

I started taking contraception pills since 2008, after the birth of my daughter. At the beginning i took Rigevidon as per advise by the nurse. At the time i don't know how to choose and i could not even discriminate between one another i thought that they are all the same. 

As i took the pill, slowly its taking control over my hormone and before i know it also took control of my mind which i almost lose and almost taking over my life.

During these time i was desperate, agitated and tempestuous at all times. 
My heartbeat also irregular.
I was nausea, losing appetite but at the same time gaining weight.

I realized i have to change pills when i feel a sudden chest pain (on the left side...where the heart is) when i were angry.
I also had visions of suicide...yes. It was that bad.

So i made that hard decision to switch to a different contraception pills. So the nurse gave me Marvelon as trial.
That was somewhere in the middle of 2010.

Slowly my peaceful and calmer mind comes back to me.
But...of course it also has side effect.

I started to have a bad case of flatulence.
And everytime im approaching to the 'rest pill' period of 7 days(this is when menstruation happen) i would have all kinds of weird and seldom sickness.
It would start as early as 18 days before the actual date of menstrual week.
Sickness such as swelling, scabies, fever, migraine, toothache, diarrhea and a lot other common and even weird sickness (one time my upper lips swollen to the side)
Also at least once during these 18 days i would have an explosion of anger. Most of the time because of trivial reasons...thank god at least once.

So now after a year and a half taking Marvelon i have no other complaint than that, recently i was thinking to switch pills again or at least try a different contraception.
The doctor suggest me to take IUD. Which cost RM450.

I don't know but some people spend hundreds to have kids...and im spending hundreds NOT to have kids?.
Its not worth it.
So i guess i would stick to my flatulence, my single explosion of anger and weird or common sickness every month.

Yesterday i had Gastric...with a combination of diarrhea.
The doctor suspect pregnancy but i told him im on Marvelon. He advise me never to miss pills as missing 2 pills (2 days without pill. My record is 1 and a half day i just double dose it...huhu) because after 2 days there shall be no protection at all towards pregnancy.

boy....i just knew that.

Anyway, if you were thinking to take contraception pills...i may not highly recommend Marvelon
how the package look like

But at least...its waaaaaay better than Rigevidon.^_^

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