Friday, October 21, 2011

Gourmet Food Vs Diarrhea.

Actually this is probably the third day?or is it the fourth that im on was started with Gastric pain until later they decided to tag team.

Recently i wrote about Marvelon pills right..this is exactly im talking about.
As per this month i will have to go through Gastric associated with Diarrhea.

But does that stops me from coveting for gourmet food?...No...i have tested the 7 Ultimate Cheese Pizza by Pizza Hut...i didn't took any picture as i was fighting my diarrhea in silence after a slice and a half...not's the official picture from the internet
That round thingy in the middle is actually the cream cheese...i was wondering why not mix it altogether like the other 6...why stood in the middle?is it because people actually eat cream cheese like eating a scoop of ice cream?...hmm

After those i will start devouring these...
Its blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe.
For the cake is a take away from last night dinner at 1 Borneo. It was a mini celebration for my daughter birthday as my husband isn't available on the actual date which is today : 22 October 2011.

So i guess...i can't really tell how delicious these food were as it didn't last in my body for the supposed time.

My guess it'll only last for...30 minutes.

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