Sunday, September 18, 2011

Strange but…not so strange

This weekend plan didn’t go out as planed; some activity has to be cancelled due to my husband schedule.
I insist on doing at least one, and we did go to the KK wetland Center.  We arrived at about 11:30 in the morning, it was already hot and humid as it’s almost noon. It was a quiet place and no in-house guide or whatsoever.

As we went in, there were lily ponds and my kids were fascinated by it, we saw few egrets, lots of crabs, salamanders and a Mudskipper! I haven’t seen these guys since my guiding years!
Walking along the plank walk, surrounded by mangrove has a creepy feeling, its not as pretty as other forest though…my mind started to wander…

Me : what if…what if..we saw an….Anaconda
Husband : Impossible! if there is the fisherman who look for seashells would’ve killed it by then…whats more it’ll only hurt its bodies from these mangroves roots….(he’s phobia to snakes…)

The place looks strange…creepy…but to some…its…mundane…I bet the fisherman or kids who play along the riverbanks only sees it as I saw tall buildings…but to me its strange…to my kids and I guess most of us.

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