Wednesday, September 21, 2011

always find the good in something

is it really that good? or is it really making your way to more mistakes.

I could not find a good example as for this subject but just last night my subconscious mind lead me to it.
Alice in Wonderland.
This girl always find the good in something...She was trapped in an enchanted not to mention creepy environment but reassure herself that she's in her dream.
She met with two fat and bald boys in which one of them thought of marrying her without any look of disgust and talk in courtesy with them although they may not have much to offer.
She befriended the Mad Hatter who has evil dark side and even almost into romance.
She manage to find her way through the Red Queen and regarded as guest.

All because she always finds the good in everything. But...this also lead her to a lot of mistakes.

She overdrank the liquid that makes her oversize including one time that she almost has no clothes to fit in, lucky the Mad Hatter made a tiny dress for her.
She was scrutinize by the citizen of Wonderland.
She have to be left alone in the forest and fall asleep inside Mad Hatter hat.
She almost being married to a nerd...good thing the Wonderland experience happen to her before she agrees to marry him.

Finding the good in something may become a sort of justification over your misadventure or adversity.
The Up side is that your mind stays positive and assured that you will soon find a way anyhow, anyway and any soon.
The Down is also your subconscious mind telling you that you wouldn't mind getting into more adversity though you will come out alive.

Me as an example, noticing that im just a lower clerk at work ; i would tell myself and others that it is much better as there will be less stress and responsible and therefore have a more calmer life.
But what my subconscious mind really telling is that ; although im poor im happy and this leads to a mediocre life which will soon bring its own challenge and even adversity.

I guess in a way to make our conscious and subconscios mind really works for us...we must be able to be discriminating in our thoughts and choices in life.

Like the malay old saying : Manis jangan terus ditelan, pahit jangan terus diluah.
Others said : Manis rasanya racun. Pahit rasanya ubat.

So always finding the good in something just to justify your current situation is as bad as always finding the bad in everything.
The key is to be acutely discriminating with unsentimental judgement and peaceful heart.

hmmm....i like that ^_^

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