Monday, September 12, 2011

the opened house.

Its 13 September... meaning its been 2 days after my Raya Open house...

Current status : my dining table
 is still in a mess, plates (clean ones, thank god) still scattered on top of it, glasses and paper tissues, the water dispenser still contained cocktail syrups.

Current status : my living room

I just sweep the floor this morning, one table went back inside the room, floor has an oily feel not yet mopped, table mat removed need to wash before went back into the storage section, chairs still in open house position need to send back to storage soon.

Current status : my kitchen ; sink
The sink is full of dirty wok, plates & glasses (at least from last night)

Current status : my kitchen ; floor

Almost no room to move around, stack of plates and glasses (washed by my husband…thank you again god) pots, spoons and forks.

Current status : my laundry section

Pails unorganized and new laundry still inside the washing machine.

Current status : my storage section

This may need at least 2-3 hours to organize, Raya utensils will need a big bad box and will need to go by stages and stack one after the other…

Main agenda for the weekend : Dusting and mopping.

Last night I was supposed to find a box for the plates and glasses after wrapping it with tissue and paper…but, at 7pm…I did fall asleep. Hearing noises I opened my eyes and saw my husband were sitting on the computer chair and asked me am I coming to buy pillow for my younger brother and a short visit to my parents in law…im not so sure if I answered but deep at the back of my head I noticed that my husband and two kids went out and I resume sleeping…still in my working attire.

The celebration is exciting as this year I’ve done almost everything on my own. I organized the house, I made the cookies and I…cooked everything…except the rice which is helped my mother in law. But above all I did my dishes alone the entire day..^_^ that part im proud the most…it wasn’t so bad…the only down side is that…there were no picture taken at all.

None at all….my DSLR sits in the closet.
The compact…hmm I still have no idea.

Well…no click-click has been done for this month…I was hoping to get lucky on the 16th September…soooon! And I will take at least one photo of my darling living room.

So I cooked and so I served…im all out of planning and glad now its time to laid back and there shall be no more heavy responsible hanging over the back of my head…until later…until next year ^_^

As for my daughter birthday next month, I preferred to celebrate it at least at Secret Recipe or… home after I fulfilled my own promise of learning to bake my own cake.

But now…its time to relax….enjoy the view, watch a funny movie or simply sleep all day long ^_^

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  1. Thank God my PIL dan ipar-iparan semua 'turun padang' this year. hehehe..