Sunday, May 22, 2011


Im going to make myself a promise…

I will sworn to stay clear from HYPOCRITES.

I’ll tell you one fact that is so true.

Once you met a person who is talking about someone behind their back…She will surely talks about you behind your back to…

Im not talking in general I am better be more specific.

If your friend talks about another friend…that is normal…yeap I said normal…Why?

Aww, Come on! Gossips attracts girls like bee…that’s nothing extra ordinary.

Im specifically describing about a person who does not know the person that she slander even for 4 or 6 months…

This type of person could simply muckraking about someone who they just met just to gain your trust and later this same person will team up with the person that she just slandered and do the same to you behind your back to earn the trust of the opposite party.

After that either two things might happen :

1)      you will smear your reputation by getting into a verbal and scandalous argument with the other party.
2)      you will be left out, defeated by the other party and alienated.

As you can see either way…You Lose.

I learned the hard way.

And so im going to make a vow.

1)      Once a person who I just met or knew for a long time talks bad about someone who I doubt having a long term relationship with her then she will be in that category = Hypocrites.
2)      As long as someone talks negative about other person without logic that is already a sign.
3)      When a person started to whispering, eye-rolling and getting into an annoyingly closer distance to me while talking specifically about another individual that is already the ‘BIG’ sign.

The girl that I met is a nasty one…she could do it in one night until the other party almost manipulated into her schemes…
My Bad? Is that I naively thought that she has change, grown up and simply choose benevolence.

But, im wrong and BIG time Wrong….
I only realized that when she almost succeded in pulling off her tricks.

Hypocrites are those who knows how to play tricks with their words, facial expression and even action.

Hypocrites are those who weirdly trying so bad to be your friend until you almost never see her flaw.

Hypocrites is like a person that is tooo good to be true.

Hypocrites are those who champ in the game called ‘Manipulation’

Hypocrites are those who always want to know more and a lot more about you!

Hypocrites are most dangerous when they know where your weakness is.

Hypocrites are those who sleeps at night after making other people life’s miserable.

Hypocrites only has one agenda : GREED for their own satisfaction, lust, want and needs…To Win it all…to never lose even for a little while or a little bit…

Therefore my friends, NEVER ever let your guards down. I have included 3 tips above and if you have more tips on how to stay clear from HYPOCRITES. Please do share them.

Let us all pray that God will ensure our safety from such Instigator.



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  2. Sometimes hypocrites are just fun to be with, with their wonderful stories...but you just cannot share anything with them...