Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend turnout

well...previously i wrote about my plan to go to the crocodile farm with my kids for the weekend right...
But what actually happen is that... im a Coward....i wouldn't risk my sanity to get lost finding the right junction to go to the farm. So..Bad Idea...

So the next plan is to have a day out at the Tamu and watch the movie  'The Adventures of Tintin : Secret of the Unicorn'

We got our tickets and a glass of orange soda....12:10 we went into the theater that suppose to start at we waited....12:15....12:20...projector still not starting....12:30 then the security informed us that the projector is broken and ask us to change time or refund....

I guess my daughter understood body language and human language at the same time as she was complaining loudly about the broken her own 'wusak' language of course...

When we walk out the theater im getting a light headache and decided not to risk it so we went home. My kids went havoc in the car as we drive home (as usual)...i passed the hospitals where i delivered them and remembered i gave birth to a human boy and girl....not a male and female monkey....hmm just a thought...they practically hanging over the handle at the passenger seat.
again....i wouldn't risk my sanity to get angry or ask them to seat politely.

As soon as we arrived home they switch on the Ben 10 cd....which i already memorize his favorite drinks, his alien names and...his phobia...yeah thanks to my daughter..
After about 30 minutes both fell asleep on the couch...and that is a luxurious relief!

So i started moving around the house just trying to figure out everything and found my favorite pants from the dried was damaged...well it shouldn't come as a surprise after all since i already knew what kind of textile it is and its restrictions to washing machine.
Either i forgot about the fact that i shouldn't put it in the washing machine starting to take things for granted...and i wash it in the washing machine nevertheless...Twice even!.
So i took out the 'self adhesive dust catcher roller' i bought earlier at Daiso (it was meant for carpet i guess but on clothes too)

something similiar

After rolling it all over the pants...its still woolly...this is how it look like...

Then suddenly an idea comes into mind...'Razor blade shaver'!
Yeap i actually used razor blade to 'shave' all those dust and woolly cotton...after working on it...this is how it looks like !


yeah i believe this works on t-shirt or pants or towel that you couldn't have heart enough to throw away (perhaps of some emotional value).....i mean look at that picture!...just like new eh!...but i must does make me feel like a barber with an aching fingers and neck pain.(i spent like almost an hour to finish...)

this is a comparison picture of before and after.

Well there you go housewives!
Razor blades and its many use ^_^

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