Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It was raining and I have no job, but I have a hobby and im not miserable..:)

Aah~ its one of those days when I can sit an write as my mom in law is taking care of my kids, we chatted a while ago about which and which flavor of instant noodle and my kids kept calling me from the lounge and..yes I ignored them.

So here I am ‘screening’ through other’s Facebook pages and admiring photos and feeling all weird looking at some people statuses…I mean why do you write things in a spelling that hard to read?...i mean status is about making a point right.

Facebook status is like car stickers…it’s a statement, its either funny, sarcastic or entertaining but most of all it should be literate.

some chic got fired due to adding their bosses in FB

So my kids just went into the room inviting me over to share their instant noodle, telling me how delicious it is and spicy…im amused but at some days like today my mind is up for some critical plans as to renew some legal papers and I was thinking to go down at the beach took some photos…capture the dimness of the rain…those kind of things...

But after spending almost an hour on Facebook I noticed a few things and it occur to me that what separates people who filled their 'Bio' & 'profile', 'favorite quotations' column in the FB profile and those who don't is not based on the sense of introvert and extrovert or privacy and expressive but simply those who bothered...:)

First impression of people who filled a long article of their bio or quotations is that ‘man this person’s should be a superstar’…and those who don’t ‘ok I may have to be courteous with this girl here, she don’t seem to share much about herself’…well, in my case I learned it the hard way.

So they didn’t fill them not because they are ignorant, secretive or quiet. But is probably simply because they do not have enough time and most of all..they choosed not to.

That’s thought of the day…one of those in my mind…and its still early!...im off…see what can be worn from my wardrobe…old and fashionless I guess..huh, its okay im not worried…

Okay the kids has started their normal routine of rummaging over the dressing table…just yesterday my daughter spill over the insect repellant on my dressing table…in other days I would have screamed at the top of my lung…but yesterday my in law is in the house so I believe they would appreciate some courtesy 


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